Jun 092014

The Legal Education Society of Alberta is proud to announce the 2014/2015 Educational Calendar is now available.

We provide a wide range of exciting learning opportunities designed for the complete spectrum of Alberta lawyers, articling students, and their staff. Whether you’re a seasoned legal professional or just starting out, you’ll find programs that will stimulate and broaden your perspective, and give you even greater confidence in your practice.

Download the 2014/2015 calendar to plan your continuing professional development opportunities for the upcoming 2014/2015 year.

Our capstone event will be the 48th Annual Refresher: Wills & Estates running April 19-21, 2015. The focus this year will be Wills & Estates . We look forward to seeing you in beautiful Lake Louise to explore key issues affecting all Alberta lawyers whose practices touch on wills and estates.

Other highlights this year include All That Touches Family Law (Red Deer), Bare Land Condos (Edmonton and Calgary), High Conflict Personalities (Edmonton and Calgary), and the New Estate Administration Act (Edmonton and Calgary). You also won’t want to miss our 4th Annual Law and Practice Update for solo and small firm practitioners conference (Calgary).

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You can register for our programs online, by phone, or by using the brochure registration form located on the last page. Be sure to check out LESA.org – you are only a few clicks away from finding the live event or resource that you need.

Register early to take advantage of our early bird discounts and to secure your place in our limited enrolment programs.

As your lifelong partner in continuing legal excellence, we look forward to working with you in the upcoming educational year.

Download the 2014/2015 Educational Calendar NOW!

Jun 182014

CPLED AB – Arman Chak from LESA on Vimeo.

The Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPLED) Program is the bar admission course in Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. In Alberta, the Legal Education Society of Alberta (LESA) delivers the CPLED program on behalf of the Law Society of Alberta. In order to deliver a highly-valued educational experience and defensible, high-stakes competency evaluations, LESA recruits approximately 40 experienced members of the Alberta legal profession as online Learning Group Facilitators and Evaluators each year.

The facilitators and evaluators who work with learning groups in the online environment are known as “learning group facilitators” or “LGFs” and “learning group evaluators” or “LGEs.”

LGFs make a weekly time commitment of 10 to 20 hours per week for each three-week module to help students understand the materials, assignments, and competency evaluations well enough to be able to successfully demonstrate entry-level competence. Their goal is to engage, guide, and motivate a learning group of approximately 18 to 20 students as well as provide a safe and conducive environment for learning and communication exchange.

Selected LGFs, known as LGEs, also grade the final submissions (competency evaluations) for each online module. The Legal Education Society of Alberta selects qualified LGFs to grade approximately 30-40 competency evaluations at the end of each module. Training is provided.

For more information, or to apply to become a CPLED Learning Group Facilitator or Evaluator, click here.

Apr 092014

41st Annual National Criminal Law Program 

Criminal Procedure, Ethics, & the Charter

July 7 to 11, 2014 | Halifax, Nova Scotia

Over 75% Full !

Still not registered for this year’s National Criminal Law Program, Criminal Procedure, Ethics, & the Charter?   Sign up today to avoid disappointment.

The National Criminal Law Program is Canada’s largest criminal law conference featuring a nationally recognized faculty made up of the country’s finest judges, defense counsel, and Crown prosecutors. Enjoy five days of plenary, break-out and small group workshop sessions in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, and take home two volumes of written material (printed or on CD), created specifically for the Program. New 2014 sessions include advanced-level break-outs, and a Tuesday and Thursday Jury Instructions Workshop. Don’t miss the First time attendee reception, Monday opening reception, and optional Thursday social events. Earn over 20 CPD hours!

For more information, visit the Program’s website at http://www.flsc.ca/en/national-criminal-law-program/.

Apr 082014

Anyone practicing in the area of wills and estates will want to attend the upcoming Surrogate Practice and Procedure Town Hall Meeting, hosted by Justice Craig Jones, Southern Alberta Surrogate Practice Advisor, and the Surrogate Rules Committee.

Members of the bar are invited to submit questions and comments relating to Surrogate practice matters, including the process of applying for grants, to the Co-Chairs at SRAC@albertacourts.ca.
Efforts will be made at the meeting to address these questions and concerns.

Meeting date in Edmonton: Friday, May 9th, 2014
Time: 12:45 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.
Location: Edmonton – QB Courtroom 317

Meeting date in Calgary: Monday, May 12, 2014
Time: 12:45 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.
Location: Calgary – QB Courtroom 1801

Apr 072014

Organizations like LESA could not do what we do without volunteers.

This week all recipients and beneficiaries of volunteerism say a big “thanks” to the millions of Canadians giving their time, energy and talent every day. At LESA, we are saying thanks with a seminar free to volunteers called “Four Generations, One Workplace”, geared toward an understanding of generational differences at work and how they can manifest themselves.

Whether you are a CLE seminar presenter, a CPLED instructor or an educational resources volunteer helping with materials updates, we thank you! The legal profession is a better place because of your contributions and commitment. Quite literally, we couldn’t do it without you.

There are many ways to get involved as a LESA volunteer. Find yours by contacting us (780-420-1987, lesa@lesa.org).

Apr 072014

Has your schedule suddenly opened up?

It’s not too late to register for the 47th annual Litigation Refresher, being held in beautiful Lake Louise April 27 – 29.

Call us and take advantage of this amazing opportunity to learn and play in a gorgeous setting.  Sessional chairs include the Hon. Justice F. Slatter, Perry Mack QC, Jim  Rose QC, Ivan Derer QC, Alexander McKay QC and Constance Taylor QC facilitating expert discussion on diverse topics like these:

  • ADR advocacy
  • Navigating through the access to info web
  • Starting a mediation or arbitration practice
  • Current developments in class actions and other areas
  • Digital evidence, privilege issues and and experts
  • “Mastering the Masters”
  • The new Court of Appeal Rules

This refresher has something for everyone, no matter your area of practice or your year of call.  Call LESA today for more information.  780-420-1987.


Launch of CanLII Connects

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Apr 072014

If you love CanLII, you’re going to love its new product, CanLII Connects, launched April 4th. Billed as a new form of publishing for the discussion of legal issues and case law, it apparently boasts nearly 27,000 documents covering cases from 11 Canadian provinces and territories. The hope is that CanLII Connects will make it faster and easier for lawyers and lay people to access legal commentary on Canadian court decisions. Check it out at http://canliiconnects.org/en/.

Mar 202014

iStock_000018456758MediumEach year LESA is lucky enough to work with a legion of lawyer volunteers, practicing in every area of the law and with every level of experience, from the newbie lawyer to the veteran.  They sit on CLE panels, give their time to the CPLED program, generate or review written materials, or provide input where needed.  We like to think that it is our ability to recruit quality people that gives us the edge in asking the right questions about practicing law in Alberta — and then being able to share the answers with the profession.

Volunteering with LESA is a win-win.  As a profession, we all benefit from the expertise of volunteers willing to share their knowledge to ensure that we all stay current.  But the volunteers tell us that they also gain personal satisfaction by getting involved.

Here is what some long-time LESA volunteers have had to say:

Sandra Weber, McLennan Ross LLP:  “What motivates me is playing a role in helping to build someone’s confidence in their chosen career.”

Arman Chak, Alberta Human Rights Commission:  “(T)he ability to assist someone in understanding …  is a memorable experience.”

The Honourable Madam Justice Debbie Yungwirth:  “”There is a social aspect to volunteering… You tend to bond with your panel…. (V)olunteering keeps me up to date on the area on which I am presenting and also on the areas being presented.”

There are many ways to get involved as a LESA volunteer.  Find yours by calling us for a chat (780-420-1987, lesa@lesa.org).

Mar 182014


Federation of Law Societies of Canada

2014 National Family Law Program

The National Family Law Program is offering a five day conference featuring a multitude of presentation topics concerning family law, such as “Deconstructing the Trust: Issues in Matrimonial Property Claims” and “Adult Children of Divorce Share Their Stories: What They Want Lawyers to Know.”  For program information, click here.

First offered in 1978, the 2014 National Family Law Program will take place in beautiful British Columbia at the iconic Fairmont Chateau Whistler Hotel and Conference Center. Registration fees include entry into workshops, plenary sessions and all program materials. Moreover, this program will be submitted for accreditation in all MCLE and MCPD jurisdictions.

Register now for the 2014 National Family Law Program.

Early Bird Online Registration Deadline April 1 2014

For more information on topics, online registration instructions, conference information updates, Fairmont Chateau Whistler special conference rates and link to hotel, tourism and travel please refer to the
Federation of Law Societies of Canada website, here.