Oct 292014


LESA’s 4th annual Law and Practice Update is just a week away (November 7 & 8 in Calgary). At this seminar you’ll hear great speakers, take away important information, and have a chance to interact with the seminar sponsors in the exhibition hall.

Stewart Title Guaranty Company, a Law and Practice Update silver sponsor, will be one of the seminar’s exciting exhibitors.

Stewart Title Guaranty Company is a leader in the Canadian title insurance industry and helps legal professionals increase efficiency and decrease costs by offering innovative technology systems and value-added title insurance projects that enhance the real estate process.

Take an opportunity to stop by their exhibitor booth where Stewart Title representatives will be discussing mortgage fraud and the role that title insurance and legal professionals play in identifying and preventing it. You’ll also have a chance to ask about StewartPROTECT, which provides additional protection against lawyer and notary negligence in real estate transactions, and Stewart Assyst Real Estate, an online mortgage processing application that enables lawyers and notaries to electronically exchange instructing, reporting, and mortgage data with top Canadian lenders.

There are still some seats available at the Law and Practice Update. Register online today to secure your spot.

Oct 272014

If you’re onTwitter_logo_blue Twitter, we want you to tweet!

Follow us: @lesaonline
Join the conversation: #lesaonline

We know that social media gives us all an increased capacity to connect with one another, share ideas, and stay informed. If you’re at a LESA event, using Twitter is an excellent way to enhance your continuing education experience and engage in conversation with your peers.

Don’t feel like your cell phone needs to stay tucked inside your briefcase at our events. Turn it to silent and use it to tweet during our seminars!

Using Twitter can enrich your seminar experience in three important ways. You can:

1)    Join the dialogue – engage in the learning process alongside your peers by sharing your expertise and knowledge, asking questions of fellow seminar attendees, or posting relevant links to additional resources.

2)    Take notes – tweet notes using the #lesaonline hashtag, and at the end of the day you can search this hashtag to view all your posts, as well as those tweeted by your peers. This way you’ll be able to access interactive notes with links to valuable resources and insights from other practitioners working in your practice area.

3)    Network and connect – interacting on Twitter can lead to great conversations and that help you build professional relationships.

If you’re not on Twitter yet, it’s easy to get involved. Simply go to twitter.com and create an account. Then start building your community by following practitioners, firms, or organizations (such as @lesaonline) and begin posting updates (called tweets) to share ideas and join in conversations. If you have questions about how to post a tweet, twitter terminology, or anything else Twitter related, find answers at the Twitter Help Center.

If you’re a new user or are trying to build up your Twitter community, remember to engage with others by retweeting or replying to their tweets. Also make sure to mention others using their username (such as @lesaonline). This will help your tweets be seen and may even pull others into a conversation.

Oct 242014

AwardsLogoLESA is always so grateful for our volunteers and the countless hours of time, talent, and energy you contribute to Alberta’s articling students, lawyers, and their staff.

Now it’s that time of year where the Law Society of Alberta and the Canadian Bar Association are preparing to recognize exceptional lawyers and their contributions to both the legal and wider community in Alberta.

Nominations for the 2015 Distinguished Service Awards are open until Friday, November 16, 2014.

These awards honour Alberta legal professionals for outstanding contributions in one of the following four areas:
1)    Legal Scholarship
2)    Pro Bono Legal Service
3)    Service to the Community
4)    Service to the Profession

To nominate an exceptional individual for one of these awards, complete the nomination form and upload a nomination package. Nomination packages include:
–    a statement detailing why the candidate is worthy of the award,
–    a curriculum vitae outlining the nominee’s background, career, and present activities, and
–    a maximum of two letters of support for the nomination.

For more information about eligibility, submission, selection procedure, or previous award recipients, visit the Law Society of Alberta’s website.

If you’re interested in volunteering with LESA, please visit us online for more information.

Oct 232014

econveyance_stacked_cmyk_Preferred - Full ColourLESA’s Law and Practice Update for solo and small firm practitioners is fast approaching (November 7 & 8 in Calgary). This seminar will not only provide you with over 12 hours of practical information in all major practice areas of the law but will also give you the chance to meet with our seminar sponsors.

Econveyance, a Law and Practice Update gold sponsor, will be one of the seminar’s exciting exhibitors.

Econveyance offers a web-based collaborative system to help reduce data entry duplication and increase productivity. They offer a complete conveyance document preparation solution with access to various land and mortgage documents and a full integration with SPIN.

One of their exciting new features is the Client Information Form, which allows you to collect a client’s personal information. Once completed and returned, you can import the form directly into your file.

Make sure you check out econveyance’s exhibitor booth. They’ll be able to answer any questions you may have about their conveyancing platform. Plus they’ll have some great giveaways and the chance to win a $150 econveyance gift card.

If you haven’t yet registered for the Law and Practice Update, don’t delay: register online today.

Oct 212014

LESA’s Evidence Law Refresher seminar is coming soon, with sessions running in both Edmonton and Calgary. The seminar chair, Honourable Justice J.E.L Côté, emphasized the practical nature of the information that will be conveyed, saying that the topics covered are those that “really make a difference” and are “most likely to come up most often.”

The early bird registration discount for this seminar ends today (October 21)! Take advantage of this discount, and register online now, using the links below.

CalgaryNovember 24, 2014
EdmontonDecember 3, 2014

This seminar is particularly relevant to those who practice in the area of litigation; it will review practical evidence problems, including principles, objections, techniques, and strategy.

When speaking with LESA, Justice Côté identified two main things that attendees will take away from the seminar:
1)    Some things that were blurred and muddled in most people’s minds will be separated and clarified.
2)    Interesting possibilities will open up in other areas.

With 10 different sessions and 8 fascinating speakers, this seminar addresses a diverse range of puzzling or vexing issues in evidence today. LESA asked Justice Côté to give a sneak preview about what he will be discussing in his presentation on “Hearsay Information in Affidavits.” He said this topic is “doubly mysterious” for two reasons:
1)    The most important exception to hearsay rules is rarely taught in law schools.
2)    There have been changes to the law of hearsay and legislation in recent years and no one is quite sure how those changes relate to that topic.

Join us to hear Justice Côté and his fellow speakers shed some light on this and other important evidence topics.

Oct 162014

LESA is a proud sponsor of LEAF’s 2014 Persons Day Breakfast, happening later this month.

LEAF (Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund) hosts the Persons Day Breakfast every year in commemoration of the 1929 Persons Case ruling where women were deemed to be persons under the law, thanks to the activism of the Famous 5.

When – Thursday, October 30 (7:30 – 9:30 am)
Where – Sutton Place Hotel (10235 – 101 Street, Edmonton)

This year Dr. Cindy Blackstock (Associate Professor, Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta) will be speaking at the breakfast about how underfunding child welfare on reserves discriminates against First Nations children.

Please join us to hear Dr. Blackstock and to support LEAF in their work for equality rights.

LEAF is a national, charitable, non-profit organization, founded in 1985. LEAF works to advance the substantive equality rights of women and girls in Canada through litigation, law reform, and public education using the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Persons Day Breakfast is an important annual fundraiser for LEAF; proceeds predominately fund LEAF’s legal work with a small portion going towards educational programs here in Edmonton.

Costs to attend the Persons Day Breakfast are as follows, and tickets can be purchased online.

Table Sponsor: $550 (table for 10 guests)
Individual Ticket: $55
Student/Senior/Low Income: $22

If you would like to purchase a “sister ticket” to help a student or someone else who could not otherwise attend to be present at the event, please email edmontonpdb@leaf.ca

Oct 142014

LESA’s 4th Annual Law and Practice Update runs November 7 & 8 in Calgary, and if you’re a solo or small firm practitioner you’ll want to be there! This two day seminar includes over 12 hours of practical information in all major practice areas of the law.

Space is limited but there are still some seats available; register online now to reserve your spot.

Darryl Aarbo, the seminar chair, spoke to LESA about why this seminar is so valuable for solo and small firm practitioners. He noted that the seminar offers very practical information, rather than a theoretical analysis of the law, saying that it “focuses on specific issues related to regular practice.” Furthermore, the wide-ranging topics covered at the seminar discuss areas of high risk for general practitioners, as identified by the Law Society of Alberta. As Aarbo puts it, the seminar “addresses common errors” and “real issues based on real claims and questions,” whether based on complaints from the public or questions lawyers pose to the Law Society’s Practice Advisors.

The Law Society of Alberta is offering a $75 rebate on the Alberta Professional Liability Insurance Levy to all lawyers who attend this seminar, underscoring the seminar’s intensely practical nature and its usefulness in covering what Aarbo calls “pitfalls and possible areas of errors and omissions.

Calgary lawyer Jeffery Kahane will be speaking at the seminar about the future of real estate. When he spoke to LESA about why practitioners should attend the seminar he emphasized the need to challenge yourself to do and learn new things to avoid complacency. He likened a law practice to a gym routine, saying it’s “very easy to fall into doing the same thing day in and day out.” However, a lack of variety and challenge can negatively impact your motivation and engagement at the gym as well as at the office. Kahane says, “we have to, as individuals, look at that and make changes and grow and update what we do on a regular basis or we stop being effective.

We can’t emphasize it enough: if you’re a solo or small firm practitioner, you’ll get a lot out of this seminar that specifically focuses on “important and practical issues for people with a varied practice” (Aarbo). This seminar provides you invaluable information and a time effective way to complete more than 12 hours of continuing professional development. As such, it’s an excellent CPD activity to include in your annual Continuing Professional Development Plan.

We hope to see you at the Law and Practice Update!

Oct 092014

This week LESA spoke to Jeffery Kahane, of the KaTop Choice Award Logo - 2014 - Colourhane Law Office. Kahane’s firm won a 2014 Top Choice award after being selected as Calgary’s Top Real Estate Law Firm. Congratulations to the Kahane Law Office and the nine other 2014 Top Choice law firm award recipients in Alberta!

When we spoke to Kahane, he emphasized his firm’s efficient, high-level customer service as one of the main reasons his clients are loyal and satisfied. He explained that “the more efficient you are the better level of service you can give your clients.” Undoubtedly this efficiency is one reason the firm won a Top Choice Award.

Kahane went on to describe how embracing new technology and using good systems to stay organized help his firm to maximize its efficiency. And Kahane has plenty of experience integrating new technology. His LinkedIn profile was one of the Top 1% Viewed Profiles in 2012, he shares short educational videos on YouTube (Kahane Law Legal Minute), and his office is in the process of launching a new program for clients to check the status of their accounts online.

Kahane also makes a point of sharing his insights with others in the legal community. He speaks at many seminars and workshops, including LESA’s upcoming Law and Practice Update (Calgary, November 7-8). At this seminar he’ll be talking about the future of real estate law practice, including a discussion about the intersection of technology and marketing. Kahane calls technological advances a “dual edged sword” that will make the practice of real estate law very different in the next 10 years. In his words, lawyers can be “horrible” at embracing change, but he cautions that “if you don’t embrace it, you’ll become obsolete.”

If you’re a solo or small firm practitioner, you won’t want to miss Kahane’s talk at the Law and Practice Update. Register now.

Oct 072014

Did you miss last month’s amazing Written Advocacy – Preparing Persuasive Documents seminar?

Now there’s no need for regrets: LESA has made this material available in an online self-study course with the Written Advocacy Seminar on Demand.

Written Advocacy will help you learn how to communicate more effectively by writing accessible, understandable, and persuasive documents. At its core, effective writing requires you to write for your audience, not for yourself. This seminar on demand will explain what this means and how to do it.

The tips and tricks offered in the videos and course materials apply to any form of legal writing: affidavits, statements of claim, statements of defense, third party notice, mediation briefs, client reporting letters, and more.

Eugene Meehan QC, Justice Bielby, and Jon Faulds QC share many tips to help you make your writing more effective. Here’s a sneak peek of three tips offered in this incredible educational resource:

  1. Don’t use unnecessarily complex language. Simplicity is best, since it’s your job to uncomplicate the complicated for the reader.
  2. Use straightforward organizing logic. Be brief and present the most important details first. Everyone is busy and you have a limited time to make your point.
  3. Organization and visual presentation is critical. Use bullets, headings, and charts to organize your document and help the reader more quickly and easily follow your argument.

Register for Written Advocacy now and start writing more effectively today.

Sep 302014

v2Cover.inddA collection of stories revealing insights from criminal lawyers who have served as the defense or prosecution in some of Canada’s most striking criminal cases, Tough Crimes, will be released in just a few short weeks on November 13. Christopher D. Evans, QC and Lorene Shyba, authors and editors of Tough Crimes, talked to LESA last week about the book.

Evans described the rawness of the stories, saying that “Crown prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers don’t have closure after a trial; they don’t escape unscathed and haunting memories remain with them. … We really encouraged the writers of Tough Crimes to speak from the heart and mind.”

The book’s 21 contributors include the “heavy hitters” of Canadian criminal lawyers, such as, Richard Peck (Air India), Thomas Dalby (Taber school shooting), and John Rosen (Paul Bernardo defense). As Evans explained to LESA, each author contributed “a story or an essay about an actual case that presented personal and ethical challenges that had surprising turns in the results.”

While the experiences these contributors describe resonate with the legal community, Tough Crimes also appeals to the wider-public. For both Evans and Shyba, the ability to connect with a wide audience was one of the things that made working on Tough Crimes so exciting. Shyba identified the beginning of Tough Crimes as the “realization after hearing a couple of these stories that not only would I be interested in this story … but also that [sharing them] just may be cathartic for the lawyers and for our readers.” Evans’ optimism about the book’s widespread appeal rests on the fact that the “collective voice of this book really ends up speaking about the fundamental precepts of our criminal justice system … the presumption of innocence, reasonable doubt, subject matter like that.”

When describing the process of working with the contributors, Shyba admits that it involved “a lot of back and forth … [since] some people can weave a tale and some required gentle nudging into the heart of the darkness.” But in the end, some incredible stories were woven, stories that Shyba describes as “very personal tales about [the lawyers’] feelings and what they were encountering themselves.”

To find out more about Tough Crimes or to preorder the book, head to the publisher’s website.

For a chance to hear Evans speak about his over fifty years experience in criminal law, register for LESA’s 33rd Annual Intensive Advocacy seminar, where you’ll develop a confident, professional courtroom presence and explore all aspects of trial and hearing work in this week-long workshop. Don’t delay, register now as enrollment is limited.