Mar 092016

Questioning for Litigators

This April, learn about questioning from experienced practitioners and Queen’s Bench Masters!

Discuss how to deal with key issues that arise during questionings, including the use of questioning evidence; cross examination on affidavit vs. questioning for discovery; and exhibits, documents, and undertakings.

Today’s blog with seminar chair Patrick Kirwin gives you the inside scoop on what you can expect from the upcoming Questioning seminar.

Topics and Speakers

As Patrick explains, rather than being a preliminary or introductory program, this intermediate-level seminar aims to get people “talking about specific issues that arise during questioning.”

At the seminar, you’ll interact with seminar chair Patrick Kirwin and panel experts including two Masters:

To learn more about each panelist’s discussion topic, take a look at the program brochure.

You can expect each topic to deal with what Patrick describes as the “specific problematic issues that arise in many, if not all, questionings.” For instance, you’ll learn how to deal with obstreperous witnesses who refuse to answer relevant questions or challenging counsel who raise too many objections or get in the way of questioning.

What makes this seminar valuable?

1. Interactive Format. Expect to participate demonstrations and engage in roundtable discussions, hearing the panelists comment on each other’s presentations and weighing in with your own thoughts and questions. As Patrick states, “we will be getting not only the input from the particular presenter but literally from everyone else who is there”.

2. Relevant Examples. Engage in meaningful conversations with panelists who are drawing from personal experience to share “how they have handled particular issues and how they’ve used questioning.”

3. Hear from Masters. Learn to bring masters up-to-speed on your case quickly, and hear how they approach questioning issues.

Here’s what Patrick had to say about the overall value of this seminar:

I think we are very lucky to have a group like this together in one place sharing their experiences… In the litigation process, I think questioning is one of the most important aspects—it can make or break your case.”

Register Online

Give your input, ask questions, and be a part of this truly unique experience!

Join us in Edmonton on April 19 or in Calgary on April 28. Register on or before March 15 to take advantage of early bird savings.

Can’t make it for these dates? No problem! Be sure to check our online classroom as this course will subsequently be offered as a seminar on demand.