LESA Library Wins International Awards

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Aug 052016

ACLEA's Best Award Winner 2016

We are proud to announce that the LESA Library has won the international Association for Continuing Legal Education’s (ACLEA) top award for Best Publication. Our dedicated, team also received the 2016 Outstanding Achievement in Marketing award for the LESA Library.

LESA’s commitment to setting standards of excellence in the education of Alberta’s lawyers, articling students, and their staff, is upheld by our devoted and enthusiastic employees and volunteers. Our ongoing collaboration, innovation, professionalism, and responsibility ensure that the programs and resources LESA provides are not only high quality, but also practical and useful for the spectrum of Alberta’s legal community.

Learn more about how the LESA Library has become ACLEA’s Best Publication and find out what the LESA Library has to offer.

LESA Library

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Check it out for yourself. Click here for more information, including prices, tutorials, and more.


2016 Update: NEW LESA Library Resources

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Jan 072016

The LESA Library was opened to the profession on September 30, 2015, and in the short 3 months since its launch hundreds of Alberta lawyers have already gained access to its Alberta-specific resources.

The LESA Library is a convenient online resource providing you with substantive legal information and practice management tips. It includes the information, forms, and precedents from our Practice Manuals and Fundamentals series as well as our seminar papers.

NEW 2015 Seminar Papers

Since the LESA Library launched in the fall, we’ve added over 50 papers from 13 seminars.

  • Find recent papers targeted to your business, wills & estates, real estate, or family law practice as well as advice on other topics, such as appearing before the Court of Appeal or recent constitutional law issues.
  • Practitioners in all areas stand to benefit from general skills and knowledge papers, including those that discuss how to effectively use Microsoft Outlook, develop time management techniques, and handle workplace distractions.
  • Discover other resources targeted to support staff, such as the papers from the Research for Legal Support Staff program.

As we kick off 2016 with two new programs – Advanced Matrimonial Property and Securities Law for Legal Support – stay tuned for these latest materials to be added to the LESA Library in the next few weeks.

Historical Seminar Papers

In the past three months, we’ve also added hundreds of papers to the LESA Library that had been presented at LESA seminars in the past few years. Now you have access to hundreds of papers from 6 years of seminars, dating back to 2010.


We’re happy to answer any questions you may have to help you get the most out of your LESA Library subscription. Email us at info@lesa.org or call us at 780.420.1987 (or 1.800.282.3900 toll free in Alberta).


If you’re not already a LESA Library subscriber, you can learn more at LESA.org/Library or by watching the short introductory video below.

With annual subscriptions starting at just $795 + GST (for an individual user) and with competitive firm pricing rates, the LESA Library is a convenient and cost effective resource for practitioners who want access to Alberta-specific legal content anytime, anywhere.

Complete your Library with the LESA Library

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Oct 272015

Have you heard about the new LESA Library? If not, today’s LESA blog fills you in on all the information you need to know about the LESA Library and why it is an incredible resource.

The LESA Library provides Alberta-specific legal content, anytime, anywhere – all for one low price.

For a quick (and fun) introduction to the LESA Library, you can watch the below introductory video.


Library_BooksOver 11,000 pages of print content have been put onto the LESA Library, offering you substantive law and practice management information (including fillable forms and editable precedents!).

Practice Manual and Fundamental Series Content. You can access content for the following publications in easy-to-use, searchable encyclopedia-style articles:

  • Alberta Civil Practice Manual
  • Alberta Family Law Practice Manual
  • Alberta Real Estate Practice Manual
  • Alberta Surrogate Forms
  • Business Law Fundamentals
  • Criminal Law Fundamentals
  • Wills Fundamentals

Library_DocumentSeminar Papers. You can download hundreds of seminar papers as PDFs. Available seminar materials from the past 4 years are currently on the LESA Library, with newly presented papers as well as earlier materials being added to the Library on a regular basis. These papers offer valuable information and useful tools, including checklists and tips to help you expand your knowledge, skills, and practice.


You can access the LESA Library from any computer or mobile device (the Library is mobile optimized!). All you need is an internet connection, and you can connect to the LESA Library from the office, home, coffee shop, courtroom, or anywhere else you want to access to the information.


Annual subscriptions to the LESA Library start at just $795 + GST, making the LESA Library an affordable resource. If all the content on the Library was purchased individually, it would cost over $14,000, but the individual subscription rate of $795 is comparable to the cost of attending a 2-day live seminar or purchasing 2 practice manuals.

If you work in a firm setting, it is worthwhile to consider the value that you will receive from purchasing a firm subscription. Firm subscriptions start at $1,495 + GST and rates are based on the number of registered users, where every lawyer in the firm who has been called the Alberta bar is registered as a distinct user in the LESA Library.

Complete your library today. Visit LESA.org/library for more information or to subscribe.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at 780.420.1987 or toll free in Alberta at 1.800.282.3900. You can also reach us at info@lesa.org.

Continuing Legal Education: Attending ACLEA to Serve You Better

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Aug 072015

UPDATE: This seminar occurred in the past, and the seminar materials are now available.
• LESA Library subscribers can already access course materials through the LESA Library.
• Alternatively you can purchase course materials a la carte (search outlook & document management).
• You can also view the list of upcoming seminars to discover live programs that are available now.

As your lifelong partner in continuing legal excellence, LESA is committed to offering you exceptional continuing legal education opportunities both face-to-face and online. To offer you the best possible programs and resources, we know that we also need to attend seminars and access resources ourselves – all as part of our commitment to continue offering you high-quality continuing legal education that innovatively leverages current knowledge and technology to provide engaging experiences that meet the diverse needs that you and the rest of the legal profession have here in Alberta.

To make sure that we are staying at the top of our field as a continuing legal education provider, LESA is actively involved with the international Association for Continuing Legal Education (ACLEA). Twice a year, ACLEA holds meetings that bring professionals from around the world together to discuss the latest ideas, issues, and solutions in continuing legal education.

The latest ACLEA meeting just wrapped up in Chicago this week, and the LESA contingent consisted of Executive Director Jennifer Flynn, Director of Education Dawn Ofner, Information Specialist Carolyn Bernardin, and Communications Coordinator Renee Vander Meulen. To pick just a few, program highlights included sessions on how to build online resources that engage adult learners, how to employ the latest and greatest technology when delivering continuing legal education, how to use data to make informed program and communications decisions, and how to add value to programs by bringing in relevant sponsors and exhibitors.

Not only did we gather great ideas for how to serve you better but LESA was also able to share our innovations and standards of excellence with other continuing legal education providers. Jennifer Flynn was appointed as ACLEA’s new President (see our full press release for more information), and Dawn Ofner offered her guidance and educational planning expertise as Chair of the Planning Committee. Dawn also spoke about our innovative LESA Library.

Have you heard about the LESA Library? It brings you relevant legal content in one convenient online resource. For the price of annual Library subscription, you can download all available seminar papers as PDFs and access all practice manual content in searchable encyclopedia-style articles. Library content includes substantive legal information, valuable resources (such as checklists and precedents!), and practice management suggestions. We’re just about ready to launch the Library, so watch for more announcements coming soon.

As we put the things we learned at ACLEA into practice, we hope that you engage with us on your continuing legal education journey this year. You can find a whole range of available programs and resources on our website.

At one of the amazing ACLEA session we attended, Paul Unger shared important time and distraction management techniques to help us increase our workplace productivity. Paul is an informative, engaging speaker who offers practical advice you can implement immediately. We’re pleased to bring him in for two LESA programs this October: Microsoft® Outlook for Legal Users and Time, Task, Email, and Document Management. Register online now to secure your spot in what are sure to be two incredibly useful programs.

Jun 122015

15-16EdCalendarHave you had a chance to page through LESA’s 2015/2016 Educational Calendar yet?

This year, we’re excited to offer over 45 live seminars for lawyers, articling students, and their staff!

Today’s blog offers some helpful hints and information to help you navigate the Educational Calendar and find the programs and resources that will suit your needs.

Tip #1: If you’re looking at our Calendar online, you’re using a linked PDF. When you find a program you’d like to register in, simply click the title and you’ll be directed to the online registration page.


In the Educational Calendar, you’ll find programs arranged by practice area (pages 2–10), with offerings in the following areas:

Business Law
Criminal Law
Family Law

Real Estate
Specialized Programs
(for lawyers in any practice area)
Wills & Estates

When you are deciding what programs will meet your professional development needs, make sure you note the learning level listed beside the program title (Fundamental, Intermediate, Advanced, and All).

You may also want to check out the support staff program offerings (page 11). While programs for lawyers often focus on substantive law topics, support staff programs tend to focus more on practical applications. Depending on your practice area, experience, and needs, you may find that this year’s support staff programs have useful information to offer you as well.

For example, at last year’s Collections seminar, which was targeted to Legal Support Staff, we received this feedback from one attendee.

In the words of one lawyer, this was something all lawyers should sit in on.”

If you’re interested in checking out this program for yourself, you’re in luck as Collections is currently available as a seminar on demand.

Support Staff

LESA’s Educational Calendar has 5 legal support staff program titles this year (page 11) – ranging from general skills and knowledge programs to seminars targeted to support staff working in specific areas of the law.

If you’re interested in seeing more offerings targeted to specific practice areas, check out the offerings listed on pages 2 to 10. Although these programs are targeted at lawyers, support staff are encouraged to attend any program that fits their educational needs. This year, for example, we’re offering a series of fundamental drafting course that may benefit you:

  • Technology Contracts (page 2)
  • Corporate Drafting (page 2)
  • Drafting Pleadings and Affidavits (page 6)
  • Drafting Your First Will (page 10)

You may also want to check out this year’s Specialized Programs (page 7–9), which include practical skills and knowledge seminars:

  • Discover how to use Microsoft® Outlook effectively.
  • Check out sessions on accounting software (PCLaw and ESILaw).
  • Delve into issues of surrounding privacy legislation.

Did you know that law students and students-at-law are eligible to receive a 25% discount on many of our live seminars and educational resources, including seminars on demand?

Why not take advantage of this student bursary and jump start your career by gaining additional knowledge, skills, resources, and networking opportunities?

Flip through the LESA Educational Calendar to see the range of program offerings available this year. If you have any questions about what a program covers or how to register, let us know and we’re happy to help you find you the information you’re looking for. You can reach us at info@lesa.org or at 780.420.1987 (tollfree in Alberta at 1.800.282.3900).


As you’ve been hearing over the past year, we’ve started recording some of our live seminars and offering them to you afterwards as seminars on demand. Seminars on demand help add flexibility to meet the needs of your busy schedule: you can stream videos of seminar presenters and download course materials as PDFs.

SODYou’ll find a list of currently available titles in the Educational Calendar (pages 14–16). You’ll also see this icon beside the titles of upcoming programs that we plan record and offer as seminars on demand.

Have you heard about the new LESA Library? It’s a subscription-based, online resource that brings you seminar papers and practice manual content all in one place. Check out page 13 of the Educational Calendar to learn more, and stay tuned for details as we make final preparations to launch this subscription service in the next few months.