Mar 082016

Complete Lawyer

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where friends, family, or clients are looking for a bit of advice? Maybe they want tips on starting up a business, or perhaps they are interested in knowing the rules around spousal obligations with respect to children.

LESA’s Complete Lawyer seminar is for all lawyers in all practice areas. As we heard in a recent interview with seminar chair Deirdre M.I. McKenna, Complete Lawyer offers an opportunity for you to gain a broad understanding of various areas of law including: real estate, employment law, family law, litigation, business law, and wills & estates.


Join Deirdre M.I. McKenna and panel experts of varying experience levels to get a true sense of the multiple approaches you can take to deal with common legal issues:

You can learn more about each panelist’s discussion topic in the program brochure.

Be prepared to ask challenging questions about these topics. Deirdre and the rest of the panel want the program to be “an opportunity for dialogue between participants and the presenters.” For Deirdre, the goal is that people come to the program with real, concrete questions that initiate meaningful conversation, allowing everyone to leave the seminar with a fuller understanding and the answers that they were looking for.

Why Attend?

As Deirdre notes, the discussion topics focus on practical issues: from how to successfully navigate difficult litigation issues to addressing agricultural real estate concerns and the shifting sands of complex areas with blended families, employment law, and more.

Here’s how she explained the value of this program:

Being able to have a broad range or broad understanding of different areas of law is valuable because it will allow you to do a better job for your clients. … [This seminar] would be good for … anyone … who wants to make sure that their knowledge is broadened in … the most common areas.”

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Maybe you are interested in changing your area of practice; broadening your skills and knowledge; or perhaps simply keeping up-to-date on common questions, concerns, and key issues.

Whatever the case may be, Complete Lawyer is sure to answer many of those key questions, leaving you feeling more confident and complete!

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