Mar 212016

Privacy Update

These days, privacy and access issues are constantly emerging, especially with social media becoming such an integral part of society. Now, people are sharing more personal information than ever before, which leads to tremendous issues with access and privacy.

LESA’s Privacy Update seminar delves into the ever-evolving world of privacy and access. Join seminar chair Ritu Khullar QC and experienced faculty – including the Privacy Commissioner of Alberta, Jill Clayton – to discuss current trends in access and privacy.

What’s in it for me?

As Ritu notes in a recent interview, “Privacy issues don’t fall into the typical tool kit of a lawyer. … This program not only identifies privacy issues but also provides attendees with a road map on how to address these issues.”

For Ritu, this program is unique and interesting because privacy and access issues can be challenging.

In our modern society – with such openness and with social media – people share so much information about themselves, but we are … much more attuned to privacy issues, and that paradox plays out in many different ways in the legal system.”

Alberta’s Privacy Commissioner Jill Clayton agrees. In a recent interview Jill notes:

It’s hard to pick up the newspaper on any given day and not see something that has an access or privacy component to it: either it’s a new breach of some kind or another, or a new technology … a story about Fitbits leaking information, or … NFA surveillance. Almost every story that is capturing the media’s attention these days has something to do with usually privacy or access.”

Sneak Peek

As Alberta’s Privacy Commissioner, Jill wears various hats. Part of her responsibility is to protect information and review responses to requests for access to information, which falls heavily under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP). Anyone can make a request for access to any information in the custody or control of a public body, so one of Jill’s key duties is to resolve these kinds of issues.

Jill gave us a sneak peek of her discussion topics that explore key issues and trends, investigative reports, and guidance documents made publicly available over the last year. Here are some of the key questions she’ll be addressing:

• What are commissioners thinking about?
• What are issues that others need to be aware of?
• What lessons need to be learned and applied to prevent bad things from happening?

Jill thinks this program will be valuable for anyone that has interest in access and privacy.

I’m really looking forward to it! … To have a day where we can come together and talk about some of these things is a good chance to think through what’s been going on … and highlight some of those things that otherwise people may not be aware of.”

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Be a part of the conversation this May 19th in Calgary or May 25th in Edmonton. Take advantage of early bird savings by registering on or before April 12.

For more information about our Privacy Update program, read the brochure.

See you all soon!