May Upcoming Legal Events

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May 012017

May Upcoming Legal Events

Discover what legal events are coming up this May, from LESA programs, to CPLED, and more.

LESA Programming

Civil Advocacy Series: Evidence | Edmonton, May 2 | Calgary, May 4
Every litigator requires honed skills to effectively lead evidence at trial. Develop practical and effective techniques to adduce evidence in support of your cause of action and requested relief. View the brochure for more details.

Corporate Procedure Fundamentals | Edmonton, May 3 | Calgary, May 10
Discuss how corporations are distinguished from other structures, review basic corporate practices and procedures, and learn how to maintain a minute book (including how to properly fix an out-of-date one). Read the brochure for more information.

Talent Management | Lake Louise, May 6
Proficiency in talent management is vital to the success of any law practice. Explore strategies for recruiting and retaining top talent, developing high-performance teams, mitigating burnout risks, and minimizing staff turnover. View the brochure to learn more.

50th Annual Refresher: Practice Excellence | Lake Louise, May 7–9
Deepen your substantive legal knowledge in civil litigation, family law, transactions (real estate and business), or wills and estates. Leverage powerful tips to strengthen your practice, and connect with top practitioners from across Alberta. View the brochure for program details.

Cultural Competence, Diversity, and Inclusion | Calgary, May 11 | Edmonton, May 12
Canada’s population has become increasingly diverse, which affects all members of the legal community. Increase your cultural competence skills, develop bias awareness, and identify potential cultural awareness blind spots. Read the brochure for details.

Mediation of Family & Divorce Conflicts | Calgary, May 15–19
Mediation is increasingly important in the practice of family law. This in-depth program provides over 40 hours of intensive, hands-on skills training and is recognized by collaborative law associations in Alberta. Read the brochure to learn more. Note: This seminar is full. Register online to join the waitlist.

Personal Property Security and Debt Recovery Essentials | Edmonton, May 17 | Calgary, May 24
Review recent developments, discuss key issues and procedures, and examine common challenges in personal property security and debt recovery. Read the brochure for more information.

Foreclosures Fundamentals | Edmonton, May 18 | Calgary, May 23
Review the substantive and procedural issues framing the foreclosure process, including orders, priorities that arise in a foreclosure context, and available options. Read the brochure for program details.


The registration deadline for the 2017/2018 CPLED Program year is May 31, 2017. Click here to complete your online application. Students who do not apply by this date are subject to a non-refundable late filing fee.

Visit our CPLED for Students page for more information, or contact Craig Edhart, Student Coordinator.

Legal Community Events

Association des jurists d’expression française de l’Alberta (AJEFA)

The Early Bird registration deadline for AJEFA’s Annual Banquet and General Meeting is May 18. Click here to learn more about these meetings, including dates, speakers, pricing, and more.

Durvile Publications’
More Tough Crimes: True Cases by Canadian Judges & Criminal Lawyers

The third book in Durvile Publications’ True Case Series will be available soon. More Tough Crimes: True Cases by Canadian Judges & Criminal Lawyers is scheduled for release on May 31, 2017. Click here to learn more about book release receptions and how to pre-order your copy.

Alberta Lawyers’ Assistance Society (ASSIST)

Assist has partnered with the Chartered Professional Accountants’ (CPA) Assistance program to offer a series featuring celebrity speakers on the importance of mental health in the legal profession. Members of the legal community, support staff, and guests are invited to the Elevate Dinner featuring guest speaker, Margaret Trudeau on May 30 (Edmonton) and May 31 (Calgary). Click here for more information.

Program Feature – Corporate Procedure Fundamentals

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Mar 312017

Corporate Procedure Fundamentals

Join seminar chair Kirsty Sklar for Corporate Procedure Fundamentals

Discuss how corporations are distinguished from other corporate structures, review basic corporate practices and procedures, and learn how to maintain a minute book (including how to properly fix an out-of-date one).

About the Program

We recently spoke with Kirsty to find out a bit more about this program. Here’s what she had to say.

At this program, we’re going to be covering various aspects of corporate procedures. The first presenter is Drew Broughton, who will be going over the nature and characteristics of different types of corporation ownership and management as well as the difference between the obligations and responsibilities of directors, officers, and shareholders. We’re also going to have Lauren Toreson, who has some really good insight on specific questions you should be asking when you are incorporating a company. Lisa Lorenzo, one of our corporate services managers – who has been a paralegal and has extensive experience in our firm – is going to presentat on minute book best practices and the required filings with CORES. Michael Flach is going to be discussing shareholder agreements and some common pitfalls and tips for drafting. Sandra Malcolm is going to be speaking about the various forms of corporate acquisitions and reorganizations that can occur. Lastly, we have Sydney Abougoush, who is going to talk about some of key issues that we’re currently seeing in this area.”

Kirsty also told us why she thinks this program is valuable.

I think this program is going to be valuable for anyone who practices in the area of corporate law and would like to dive deeper. The presenters are specialists in the area of corporate law, and I am interested to hear what they have to say in their particular area of expertise. The presentation on Unanimous Shareholder Agreements (USAs) and on Corporations will have practical, useful checklists that attendees will be able to take back with them to the office for future use.”

Register Online

Don’t miss the opportunity to dive deeper into corporate procedures with experienced panelists. Join us for Corporate Procedure Fundamentals in Edmonton (May 3) or in Calgary (May 10).