Prepare for a Perfectly Professional Photo Shoot!

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Mar 152016

More work goes into a professional photo than you may think. Lighting, clothing, make-up, hair, accessories, colour palates—the list goes on! However, achieving the perfect shot doesn’t have to be stressful.

Stephanie Cragg Photography is our go-to for professional photos. Here are some tips Stephanie has shared with us that we thought you might find useful too!

Professional Photo Do’s

Check out Ashley’s professional photo as an example of what you should choose:

Ashley Iachetta, Student Coordinator - LESA

• Solid clothing colours
• Clean, wrinkle free clothing that fits you properly
• A hairstyle that keeps your hair away from your face
• Jewelry that is small and simple
• Standard business attire (suit jacket, dress shirt, and tie) or   casual business attire (jacket and open dress shirt) depending how your organization wants to present themselves
• A modest V-neck to lengthen the neck and blouses with sleeves

Professional Photo Do Not’s

When you’re getting ready for the spotlight, here are some things you should remember to avoid:

• Patterns, checks, and stripes
• Logos, graphics, and text
• Red as the dominant colour
• Turtlenecks (they crowd the face)
• Tops in your flesh tone such as: hazel, cream, beige, pastels, peach, and yellow (these colours will blend into your face and clothes)

• A white shirt (unless you plan to wear something under it)
• Distracting elements such as: oversized buttons, bows, or adornments on clothing
• Glittery, frosted, or shimmery make-up
• Bold statement jewelry (as it will date your photo)

Additional Tips

Here are a few additional tips from Stephanie:
• Apply a light lip balm just before the shoot.
• Have your own touch up powder or blotting paper handy if you tend to get a shiny face.
• Predetermine whether a warm smile or more serious expression is appropriate for your profession (you can even practice in the mirror beforehand to ensure that the perfect shot will land on the camera roll).

Daniel Garcia, Director of Integration - LESA


At LESA, we have decided to go with the warm smile (as you can see in Dan’s professional photo). For examples of alternative expressions, have a look at Stephanie’s portfolio.



Whether you are booking professional photos for your staff or you are an employee with a photo shoot scheduled in the near future, these photo tips are sure to help you get the professional look you’re after!

Feb 292016

March 2016: Upcoming Legal Events

It’s hard to believe that March is upon us, but it’s here and it’s a busy month at LESA! Check out today’s blog to so you don’t miss any key dates or events.

March Programs

Advanced Estate – PROGRAM FULL
Runs in Edmonton (March 1) and in Calgary (March 9).

  • Delve into advanced estate topics with other experienced wills & estates practitioners.

Advanced Lender
Register online to attend in Edmonton (March 2) or Calgary (March 10).

  • Discuss current banking and finance issues with other senior practitioners who work exclusively or predominately in the area of lender/borrower.
  • Read the blog with seminar chair Kerry Day QC to learn what you’ll gain from this program and what topics will be covered this year.

Family Law 25
Register online to attend in Edmonton (March 3) or Calgary (March 10).

  • Review the top 5 cases relevant to 5 pressing family law issues: parenting, child support, spousal support, matrimonial property, and unjust enrichment. Also discover tax tips relevant to each topic.
  • Read the blog with seminar chair Marla Miller QC to discover the top 5 most valuable takeaways you’ll walk away with after attending this program.
Registration Savings

Special early bird discounts are ending soon for the following programs. Register now and save!

Enduring Powers of Attorney and Personal Directives – ENDS March 1
Register online to attend in Edmonton (April 5) or Calgary (April 12).

  • Examine both the common and the extraordinary issues you face when dealing with enduring powers of attorney and personal directives.
  • Read the blog for more information on the topics covered and the range of perspectives addressed.

Unanimous Shareholder Agreement Disputes – ENDS March 1
Register online to attend in Edmonton (April 6) or Calgary (April 20).

  • Discover information, tips, and best practices for dealing with (and helping prevent) shareholder disputes.
  • Read the blog with seminar chair Bryan Haynes to hear more about top program topics and takeaways.

Legal Project Management – ENDS March 8
Register online to attend in Edmonton (April 13) or Calgary (April 14).

  • Explore project management principles that can help build your practice, increase your efficiency, and keep your clients satisfied.
  • Read the blog with presenter Pamela Woldow to learn more about what project management is, why you’ll want to add these concepts to your practice management tool box, and what you’ll gain from this program.

Questioning – ENDS March 15
Register online to attend in Edmonton (April 19) or Calgary (April 28).

  • Review the scope of questioning, and discuss the use of questioning evidence, cross examination, exhibits, documents, and undertakings.
CPLED Update

Do you need to register for next year’s CPLED Program? 2016/2017 registration opens March 1.

There are several 2015/2016 CPLED modules running this month:

  • Ethics & Professionalism. This online module runs March 3 to March 10.
  • Negotiations & Practice Fundamental. This face-to-face module runs in Calgary (March 14–18) and in Edmonton (March 21–22).

If you are a current student with questions about either of these modules, please contact LESA’s Student Coordinator Ashley Iachetta at 780.969.3557 or

Legal Community: Dates and Deadlines

CPA Assist Speaker Series – Running on Empty: Understanding Family Caregiver Fatigue
Attend this Alberta Lawyers’ Assistance Society (Assist) program in Calgary (March 2) or Edmonton (March 3) to learn more about the challenges family caregivers face and strategies for staying healthy while juggling these demands. Learn more in our recent blog post.

Declare Your CPD Plan
All lawyers are required to submit a CPD Plan (Continuing Professional Development Plan) to the Law Society of Alberta by March 15.

LESA Summer Students Wanted
Interested applicants can learn more in our recent blog post. Apply by March 21 to Daniel García at

2016 Summer Student Positions Available

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Feb 252016

Alberta Top 70 Employers 2016

Have you heard? LESA is now hiring 2016 summer students. If you’re a current law student who has completed at least 1 year of law school, this is a great chance for you to join our innovative, dynamic organization and make a meaningful contribution to the legal community as part of our LESA team.

Benefits & Expectations

You’ll gain experience and knowledge in key areas of law as well as hone your research and writing skills while working with LESA’s Legal team to research, write, review, and update LESA’s print publications and online resources. You may also have the opportunity to contribute here – on LESA’s blog.

As one of Alberta’s Top 70 Employers in 2016, LESA is a great place to work. One of our past summer students – Kelsey Dick – even came full circle, joining LESA’s Legal team this past fall. Here’s what she had to say about the value of working as a LESA summer student.

What did you enjoy about being a LESA summer student?

It allows you to stay involved in legal work during the summer and keep up-to-date on changes in the law, in an office atmosphere that is relaxed and friendly. Plus, LESA’s staff are wonderful to work with and always willing to help.”

What did you get to learn while working at LESA that you may not have learned elsewhere?

While summer students don’t have access to the CPLED Program materials, you do have the opportunity to work alongside the people involved with the program, so you can gain a better understanding of what CPLED is, how it works, and what LESA does. I think this is really beneficial as a student before starting the bar admission program, as it makes the CPLED Program a little less intimidating when you start articling.”

How did working at LESA as a summer student help shape your future career trajectory and opportunities?

It allows you to see the different opportunities available in the legal field, outside of the traditional firm career path. One of the real benefits of choosing a legal career is that it opens up a lot of doors to different employment opportunities. After I finished my law degree, I articled and worked at a large Edmonton law firm for a few years. I was interested in making a change around the same time LESA was looking for another lawyer to join their staff, and … I am now a Staff Lawyer at LESA.”

If you want to hear more about what it will be like working as a 2016 summer student, you can also check out what last year’s law students enjoyed about spending a summer with us.

Apply Now

View the job posting for complete details about the 2016 summer student position. If you’re interested in joining the LESA team, apply by March 21 to Daniel García at