Program Feature – Rules of Court 2017

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Mar 062017

Rules of Court 2017

It can be very challenging for litigators to stay up-to-date on recent developments of the Rules of Court.

Revisit the must-know rules (including updates you might have missed), and discover practical tips for using the Rules to run effective litigation matters.

Join us for Rules of Court 2017 on April 6 in Edmonton or on April 20 in Calgary.

Faculty and Topics

In a recent interview, we spoke to program chair, Gavin Price (JSS Barristers) , who spoke to the diversity of the program faculty. Here’s what he had to say.

I think the diverse panel and their experience are all very appealing. I’ve either worked opposite of or closely with 4 out of the 5 panelists, and all of them are talented and on top of their game. Ellery Lew [Witten LLP] has an engineering background; he is methodical, diligent, and has a unique approach to law. Darren Reed [Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP] is one of the hardest working individuals I know – with a brain to match. Stacey Petriuk [JSS Barristers] is our managing partner and manages to tackle that and her practice with aplomb. Melanie Gaston [Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP] has been a force of nature, previously at Blake’s and now at Osler’s. She and I are from the same graduating class about 15 years ago. Chelsey Bailey [Field LLP] I’ve gotten to know a bit more through this process and she is wonderful to deal with. She is on top of things, engaged, and interested. I think we’ve got a really strong panel.”

Gavin also gave us an overview of the topics that will be covered at this program and explained why he thinks this program is beneficial.

It is hard to keep up on the changes that happen with the Rules, so there is a real benefit to having the opportunity to hear from someone who has taken the time to review a particular rule, break it down, and make it current. We’re going to run the gamete from classic Rules like 4.33 and get practical advice from experienced and talented litigators.”

View the brochure for details on each presenter and topic discussion.

Register Online Today

Solidify your understanding of the Rules of Court. Review the rules you need to know, and discuss amendments and updates in depth.

Learn more than simply how to comply with the Rules – discover how to apply them to facilitate cost-effective, time-efficient resolutions and remedies. Register online to attend in Edmonton (April 6, 2017) or in Calgary (April 20, 2017).

34th Annual Intensive Advocacy

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Feb 082016

Intensive Advocacy

Do you want to run through your courtroom skills? Do you want to learn from elite litigators, watching demonstrations and then practicing skills with constructive feedback?

Join seminar chair Honourable Judge J.L. Dixon and panel experts at the 34th Annual Intensive Advocacy program to explore every aspect of trials and hearings in a week-long workshop!

Darren Reed, one of the course presenters, explains how this program benefits litigators at all skill levels:

Whether you’re a seasoned lawyer or just out of the gate, this course will help you hone your skills, remind you of what you can do better, or just simply lay the foundation for you to become a persuasive advocate.”

Jointly offered by LESA and the University of Calgary Faculty of Law, this workshop is the most intensive advocacy skills course for litigators in Western Canada; it includes up-to-date tips and advice, applicable to both simple cases and complicated litigation.

You’ll learn how to examine-in-chief, cross-examine, object to improper questions, enter exhibits, as well as qualify, lead, and cross-examine expert witnesses. You’ll hone your advanced direct examination and cross-examination skills, review how to impeach a witness, and explore how to effectively open your case and argue persuasively during closing arguments.

But don’t just take our word for it. We spoke to Tim Mavko, one of the Intensive Advocacy faculty, for a sneak peak on what you’ll experience in this workshop.

This is a skills course. Over an intense and packed week you will learn the skills you need to run a trial or administrative hearing: how to introduce your case through your opening statement, how to effectively examine and cross-examine witnesses, how to introduce exhibits, how to present and oppose experts, and how to wrap it all up with a compelling closing argument. We have broken these skills down into their essential parts. At the end of the week, you will run your own trial or hearing.”

The final assignment of the course is a trial staged at the Calgary Courts Centre before Queen’s Bench and Provincial Court Judges, where you choose to conduct a civil trial, criminal trial, or an administrative hearing.

Intensive Advocacy enrolment is limited, and there are only a few spots still remaining. Register online now to attend the 34th Intensive Advocacy program in Calgary (June 13–18).