Top 10+ (Things Every Lawyer Should Know)

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Jan 042017

Top 10 + (Things Every Lawyer Should Know)
Should I ever refuse to blow?
I want to leave someone out of my will, can I do that?
We are separating, should I leave the matrimonial home?

Lawyers are frequently asked to answer all kinds of different questions by friends, family, and clients, and it can be challenging to provide competent responses in all areas of the law.

Join the Honourable Justice D.L. Pentelechuk and distinguished panelists for Top 10 + (Things Every Lawyer Should Know) February 25 (Calgary) or March 4 (Edmonton). Discover answers to frequently asked questions in various areas of the law, including:
• Criminal Law,
• Wills and Estates,
• Family Law,
• Employment Law,
• Condo and Residential Tenancy Law,
• Debtor and Creditor Law,

And more…

Sneak Preview

In a recent interview, we spoke to seminar chair the Honourable Justice D.L. Pentelechuk, who gave us a sneak preview of what to look forward to in this program. Here are some of the key program takeaways and benefits you can look forward to.

I think [this program] will be a wonderful opportunity for lawyers to come out feeling well-rounded and in a position to more confidently and competently provide general information to their clients [and others]. This seminar is not in a paper format. One of the key takeaways is the ability for attendees to engage with the experts on the panel.”

The Honourable Justice D.L. Pentelechuk also spoke about the diversity of the panelists. Here’s what she had to say.

We have Doris Bonora (Dentons Canada LLP), our specialist in Wills and Estates, who has had a very robust career in that area. We have Lonny L. Balbi QC (Balbi & Company Legal Centre), who is based in Calgary and will be our Family Law specialist. He has a lot of speaking experience and brings a very energetic dynamic. We also have Michael Lema, with the Federal Department of Justice, who is a nationally recognized expert in the area of creditor and debtor law and matters involving CRA. Roberto Noce QC (Miller Thomson LLP), is well known for speaking widely in the area of condominium and residential tenancy law. In the area of Criminal Law, we have Kim Hardstaff (Beresh Aloneissi O’Neill) – a young, up-and-coming criminal defense lawyer – who will be talking about criminal matters. Finally, we have Daniel Scott (Seveny Scott), who will be talking about employment law. He is a very seasoned lecturer who has been the sessional lecturer of the year several times at the U of A Law School.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with seasoned practitioners, and learn how to competently answer some of the most frequently raised questions across a broad spectrum of practice areas. As the Honourable Justice D.L. Pentelechuk notes, “This program has certainly proved to be a huge success in other jurisdictions. It’s a brand new venture for LESA, and I think it will be a particularly well received program.”

Register Online

Register online to attend Top 10 + (Things Every Lawyer Should Know).
February 25 (Calgary)
March 4 (Edmonton)

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Discover Top Wills & Estates Law Cases

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Sep 142015

Top Wills & Estates Law Cases

UPDATE: This seminar occurred in the past, and the seminar materials are now available.
• LESA Library subscribers can already access course materials through the LESA Library.
• Alternatively you can purchase course materials a la carte (search top wills & estates).
• You can also view the list of upcoming seminars to discover live programs that are available now.

If you practice in wills & estates, LESA is offering a program that we think you’ll love – Top Wills & Estates Law Cases.

When we spoke to seminar chair Doris Bonora about the program, she highlighted 3 reasons why this program has something to offer everyone and how it will benefit those who attend.

Review Seminal Cases

You’d probably agree with Doris when she says that it’s important to “know what the seminal cases are that have the best discussion” in the major topics that come up in daily practice.

This seminar will help you review just that. As Doris explains, it will “look at all of the top cases in the most relevant areas in estate law. … [It covers] the things you touch most often in a day.”

Unlike some seminars that cater either to newly minted lawyers or to more seasoned practitioners, this is a program that will benefit all attendees, regardless of how long you have been practicing in the wills & estates area.

I think this is one of those seminars that appeals to people across the board, because every senior practitioner still needs to know what those seminal cases are that you need to go back to all the time. It’s so good to go back and actually read them again … [to] study them again and get them fresh in your mind. And for junior people who are starting out, they definitely should know what those seminal cases are.”

Even for herself, one of the things Doris is most looking forward to about the program is the opportunity it provides her to review the top cases in the field.

Tax Topics – Gain Peace of Mind

For Doris, this program offers an opportunity many other wills & estates seminars don’t – it talks about tax topics.

“We’re going to look at how [to] fix mistakes that you might have done, and everyone wants to know about that, because all of us are fearful that we have mistakes sitting in our wills vault. So we’re going to look at that from a tax perspective. … [We’ll discuss] some of those areas in tax that are important to all estate lawyers. And that topic – although absolutely relevant to everyone when they do an estate and when they do a will – doesn’t get discussed very often. So I’m excited about having our tax guy there.”

Quirky Cases

Doris is speaking about quirky cases – those “weird and wonderful cases where you think you can predict the outcome when you read the headnote but then you actually don’t predict the outcome.”

When we asked Doris to give us a sneak preview about what she will be discussing, she mentioned one case where a will was overturned on the basis of discrimination. Since you never know what kind of case you may find yourself caught up in down the road, hearing about these unusual cases can offer insights and direction when you find yourself immersed in your own quirky case.

Faculty and Topics

This blog outlines just three of the reasons why Top Wills & Estates Law Cases is sure to be an informative and useful seminar. You’ll also hear from these experienced practitioners about the following topics.

Barbara Stratton QC
Spousal Claims

Doris Bonora
Quirky Cases

Benjamin Kormos
Enduring Powers of Attorney
Wills and Succession Act

Derek Kurrant
Tax and Rectification

To learn more about this program – view the program brochure.

Register Online

To secure your spot, register online to attend in Edmonton (October 27) or Calgary (November 3). If you want to take advantage of the special early bird price, make sure to register by September 22.

We hope to see you there!