Meet Craig Edhart: A LESA Education Assistant

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Mar 222016

Craig Edhart

Since Craig Edhart started at LESA in July 2014, he’s worked in most areas of our organization on many different projects and tasks. His unique role and shifting responsibilities have allowed him to work closely with most people in the office, something he values.

There are some people who work a little more in their own area, but because I am able to work with almost everybody, I am able to see how supportive we really all are, in being one team – the team of LESA.”

The feeling is mutual Craig – the rest of us appreciate how you contribute to the LESA team with your serious but humorous nature and work-hard, play-hard attitude. If you’ve ever called LESA to inquire about CPLED, to place an order, or to register for a seminar – you’ve also likely had the pleasure of talking to Craig and getting his assistance – which is freely offered and followed through on directly.

Since Craig is one of the LESA staff you’re likely to deal with if you’re calling or emailing LESA, we thought you might want to know a little more about him.

What does Craig do at LESA?

When Craig was on LESA’s Integration Team, he took care of administrative duties, supported special projects, and backed up most of his fellow Integration Team coworkers – including the CPLED Student Coordinator – Ashley Iachetta.

Now that Craig is an Education Assistant, he plays an even bigger role supporting the CPLED Program. While he still supports Ashley and helps handle CPLED student inquiries and tasks, he also works with Bronwyn Connolly – LESA’s Education Coordinator responsible for supporting the CPLED Program’s online Learning Group Facilitators and Evaluators (LGFs and LGEs). This all means that Craig is busy with many CPLED duties, answering student emails or calls, contacting LGFs and LGEs, processing grades, preparing surveys, and more.

One thing Craig likes best about working at LESA is that no two days are ever same. That’s a relief, since in addition to his CPLED responsibilities, he also helps prepare for our live events – seeing various tasks through from start to finish.

What does Craig want you to know about LESA?

Craig enjoys the friendly, supportive team environment at LESA as well as the opportunities he’s had to interact with and provide service to Alberta’s legal community. His work has helped him improve his communication and project management skills, by working on things like the LESA Library and CPLED projects. It’s LESA’s innovative approach to these things that he wants others to know about.

We’re always striving for excellence; our ideas come from that vision. We’re not happy with the status quo. That’s what struck me. That’s actually what made me excited to work here even before I started. …. LESA really … challenges ideas and is always pushing forward. Whether it be new technology, new ideas, new ways to deliver products or education to our customers, we’re always looking to see how things could be done better.”

What else should you know about Craig?

While some people define themselves by their occupation or education, Craig prefers to describe himself to others based on his personality and passions. In that case, to understand Craig, you need to know that he loves hockey, spends a lot of his spare time on the ice as a ref, and volunteers in an executive role in the refereeing community. He also loves working with people, is patient, and handles stressful situations well. All of which make him a good teacher (he loves training people!) and an excellent resource when you’re phoning or emailing in to LESA with an inquiry.