Important Changes to LESA’s CPLED Team

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Jan 182017


The New Year has brought changes to LESA’s CPLED team; our former Education Coordinator, Bronwyn Connolly, has officially gone on maternity leave.

We are happy to inform you that as of January 2, 2017, Ashley Iachetta (previously the CPLED Student Coordinator) became LESA’s new CPLED Education Coordinator. Ashley is now the primary point of contact for all Learning Group Evaluators (LGEs) and Learning Group Facilitators (LGFs).

In addition, Kathy Fortier (our current Meeting & Relations Coordinator) has taken over some of the CPLED Education Coordinator responsibilities. She is now the primary point of contact for CPLED Face-to-Face Instructors and Evaluators.

Furthermore, Craig Edhart has taken on the role of CPLED Student Coordinator, and is now the primary point of contact for all student-related matters.

Contact our office at 780.420.1987 if you have any questions.

Have You Met LESA’s Janette Sztym?

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Apr 012015

Janette Sztym - Education CoordinatorIf you’ve attended a LESA seminar, worked as a LESA volunteer, or been a CPLED student over the past year and half, you’ve likely had the pleasure of meeting Janette Sztym, one of LESA’s Education Coordinators.

Janette’s meticulous nature, organizational skills, and calm presence make her the perfect person to keep our live events running smoothly.

And Janette’s job involves a lot of moving parts.

First there’s all the background work and logistics: planning and monitoring the progress of educational deliverables, coordinating the recruitment of subject matter experts, booking audio visual providers, and serving as the primary contact with our event facilities.

Afterwards, Janette handles expense claims and makes sure our volunteers are reimbursed for their expenses (we know you all appreciate this!).

In between, there’s everything to take care of on-site. We asked Janette what she does when she’s getting ready for a seminar. Here’s her checklist:

  • I set up equipment,
  • I check on the banquet’s event order to make sure all the food is right,
  • I work with my AV crew,
  • I greet our volunteer speakers and make them comfortable before starting,
  • I help out at the registration table for our guests, and
  • I address any issues that come up where something doesn’t go as planned.

Janette also takes care of many things on-site for CPLED Face-to-Face sessions:

  • I help Kathy Fortier set up the equipment,
  • I greet our volunteer facilitators,
  • I direct CPLED students, and
  • I enter marks as they come in from the evaluators on competency evaluation days.

And Janette’s goal each time she’s on site? “I want it to look like nothing happens. … No issues is what I aim for.

Now that you know how much Janette does for you in the background of all our events (including making sure you’re fed at lunch and coffee!) make sure you give her a big smile when you see her at our next event. After all, she does it all for you. When we asked her what she liked best about working at LESA, it was the “opportunity to meet and work with the legal profession across the province” that was at the forefront for her.