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March 2016: Upcoming Legal Events

It’s hard to believe that March is upon us, but it’s here and it’s a busy month at LESA! Check out today’s blog to so you don’t miss any key dates or events.

March Programs

Advanced Estate – PROGRAM FULL
Runs in Edmonton (March 1) and in Calgary (March 9).

  • Delve into advanced estate topics with other experienced wills & estates practitioners.

Advanced Lender
Register online to attend in Edmonton (March 2) or Calgary (March 10).

  • Discuss current banking and finance issues with other senior practitioners who work exclusively or predominately in the area of lender/borrower.
  • Read the blog with seminar chair Kerry Day QC to learn what you’ll gain from this program and what topics will be covered this year.

Family Law 25
Register online to attend in Edmonton (March 3) or Calgary (March 10).

  • Review the top 5 cases relevant to 5 pressing family law issues: parenting, child support, spousal support, matrimonial property, and unjust enrichment. Also discover tax tips relevant to each topic.
  • Read the blog with seminar chair Marla Miller QC to discover the top 5 most valuable takeaways you’ll walk away with after attending this program.
Registration Savings

Special early bird discounts are ending soon for the following programs. Register now and save!

Enduring Powers of Attorney and Personal Directives – ENDS March 1
Register online to attend in Edmonton (April 5) or Calgary (April 12).

  • Examine both the common and the extraordinary issues you face when dealing with enduring powers of attorney and personal directives.
  • Read the blog for more information on the topics covered and the range of perspectives addressed.

Unanimous Shareholder Agreement Disputes – ENDS March 1
Register online to attend in Edmonton (April 6) or Calgary (April 20).

  • Discover information, tips, and best practices for dealing with (and helping prevent) shareholder disputes.
  • Read the blog with seminar chair Bryan Haynes to hear more about top program topics and takeaways.

Legal Project Management – ENDS March 8
Register online to attend in Edmonton (April 13) or Calgary (April 14).

  • Explore project management principles that can help build your practice, increase your efficiency, and keep your clients satisfied.
  • Read the blog with presenter Pamela Woldow to learn more about what project management is, why you’ll want to add these concepts to your practice management tool box, and what you’ll gain from this program.

Questioning – ENDS March 15
Register online to attend in Edmonton (April 19) or Calgary (April 28).

  • Review the scope of questioning, and discuss the use of questioning evidence, cross examination, exhibits, documents, and undertakings.
CPLED Update

Do you need to register for next year’s CPLED Program? 2016/2017 registration opens March 1.

There are several 2015/2016 CPLED modules running this month:

  • Ethics & Professionalism. This online module runs March 3 to March 10.
  • Negotiations & Practice Fundamental. This face-to-face module runs in Calgary (March 14–18) and in Edmonton (March 21–22).

If you are a current student with questions about either of these modules, please contact LESA’s Student Coordinator Ashley Iachetta at 780.969.3557 or ashley.iachetta@lesa.org.

Legal Community: Dates and Deadlines

CPA Assist Speaker Series – Running on Empty: Understanding Family Caregiver Fatigue
Attend this Alberta Lawyers’ Assistance Society (Assist) program in Calgary (March 2) or Edmonton (March 3) to learn more about the challenges family caregivers face and strategies for staying healthy while juggling these demands. Learn more in our recent blog post.

Declare Your CPD Plan
All lawyers are required to submit a CPD Plan (Continuing Professional Development Plan) to the Law Society of Alberta by March 15.

LESA Summer Students Wanted
Interested applicants can learn more in our recent blog post. Apply by March 21 to Daniel García at daniel.garcia@lesa.org.

February 2016: Upcoming Legal Events

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Feb 022016

February 2016: Upcoming Legal Events

Stay up-to-date on upcoming legal events and programs. Today’s blog shares our program dates and early bird deadlines for the upcoming month.

February Programs

Drafting, Pleadings, Affidavits, and Orders: The Pleading Edge
Register online to attend in Edmonton (February 9) or Calgary (February 17).

  • Discover best practices, review current case law, and explore the role that pleadings play in framing your case.
  • Read the blog with seminar chair James Kindrake to learn what you’ll gain from this seminar that brings together a broad range of perspectives (from the civil litigator and family law practitioner to a Queen’s Bench Justice).

Advanced Child Support
Register online to attend in Edmonton (February 10) or Calgary (February 23).

  • Explore what’s at play in high income cases, responsibility for post-secondary expenses, section 7 and section 18 considerations, and other complicated child support issues.
  • Read the blog with seminar chair Pam Bell to hear why experienced practitioners should attend this program to gain insight into issues from one end of the child support spectrum to the other.

Search Warrants
Register online to attend in Edmonton (February 19) or Calgary (February 26).

  • Recognize different types of warrants and how to utilize them. Discuss Garofoli Applications, constitutional challenges, privacy expectations, delay in access to counsel, and more.
  • Read the blog with seminar co-chair Karen Molle to discover more about the cutting edge topics discussed in this program targeted to both Crown and Defence counsel.
Registration Savings

Register now to take advantage of special early bird pricing for the following upcoming programs:

ENDING February 2

Family Law 25
Register online to attend in Edmonton (March 3) or Calgary (March 8).

  • Review the top 5 cases relevant to 5 family law issues: child support, spousal support, matrimonial property, parenting, and unjust enrichment. Also discover tax tips related to each of these areas.
  • Read the blog with seminar chair Marla Miller QC for her top 5 reasons why you’ll benefit from this program, from the valuable information you’ll gain to understanding current court perspectives.

ENDING February 16

49th Annual Refresher: Real Estate
Register online to attend in Lake Louise (April 24–26).

  • Focus on common practice, thorny issues, and new methods in real estate. Engage in 6 half-day sessions geared towards all practitioners who want to keep current in the practice of real estate law.
  • Read the blog to find out what you can expect from this year’s 2016 Refresher program.

If you’re coming to Lake Louise for the 49th Annual Refresher: Real Estate, why not also register for the add-on program: Alberta Land Titles Online?

  • Read the blog with Curtis Woollard, from Land Titles North, to learn more about what you’ll gain from this add-on program and how the upcoming changes to implement digital signatures in land titles transactions will affect your practice.
  • Register online for Alberta Land Titles Online in Lake Louise on April 23.
CPLED Modules

Interviewing and Advising
This mandatory CPLED module runs in Calgary or Edmonton (February 8–12).

  • Interact in a face-to-face environment that includes instruction in and testing competence for interviewing and advising skills.
  • If you are a current CPLED student and have any questions about this module, please contact the LESA Student Coordinator Ashley Iachetta at ashley.iachetta@lesa.org or 780.969.3557.
Events in the Legal Community

Western Canada Class Actions Conference
Register online to attend the live program in Vancouver or the live webinar (February 26).

If you want LESA’s help to raise awareness about an upcoming event relevant to the Alberta legal community, contact Renee Vander Meulen, Communications Coordinator.
780.969.0553 or renee.vandermeulen@lesa.org

Family Law 25 – Discover the Latest Case Law

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Jan 202016

Register for Family Law 25

Whether you’ve been practicing family law for 2 or 20 years, we bet you’ll walk away from LESA’s upcoming Family Law 25  program with a greater understanding of current case law.

Program Topics

Review the top 5 cases relevant to 5 areas of practice:

  1. Parenting – with Kenneth Proudman
  2. Child Support – with John-Paul Boyd
  3. Spousal Support – with Anne Ferguson Switzer QC
  4. Matrimonial Property – with Judy Boyes QC
  5. Unjust Enrichment – with Richard Rand QC

As seminar chair Marla Miller QC  explains, tax tips (by Michelle Bailey) will be interspersed as they’re relevant to each topic, and presenters plan to highlight more than 5 cases each – so you’ll be getting even more than you bargained for and the program could easily have been called Family Law 30 rather than Family Law 25!

Instead of covering the seminal cases that everyone already knows about and that are easily accessible, you’ll gain information about a wide variety of current topics and cases. That’s why this program will benefit a range of practitioners – from new lawyers to more seasoned veterans.

Marla put it this way:

I don’t think it’s going to be complicated to the point where a new lawyer or someone new to this practice area is going to have any difficulty, but it’s certainly not going to bore to tears the more senior lawyers either.”

Program Benefits

In an interview earlier this week, we asked Marla what attendees would find most valuable from Family Law 25. In sticking with the top 5 theme of the program, here are the top 5 benefits she identified:

1. Gain up-to-date information. Course presenters are watching for any late, breaking cases to include in their talks and papers.

2. Explore a range of topics. This one-day review runs the gamut of family law topics, so attendees will gather a lot of information and cover a lot of ground in a single program.

3. Focus on practical implications. Because the seminar focuses on the practical effect these cases have on practice, you’ll walk away with useful information you can implement back in the office.

4. Understand current court perspectives. Knowing what the courts are thinking about and doing with current cases helps any lawyer. It helps litigators better prepare for their own cases, but it also helps lawyers who don’t appear in court as they prepare their agreements and think about how to best prevent their clients from having to go to court.

5. Hear from a range of presenters. With both senior lawyers and a few newer, younger lawyers on this interactive panel, you’ll hear various points of view to help expand your understanding of the issues.

To learn more about the program, topics, and what you’ll gain, read the program brochure.

Register Online

Register now to attend in Edmonton (March 3) or Calgary (March 8).

To take advantage of the early bird registration savings, sign up for the program by February 2.

Recent ALRI Reports

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Oct 232015

ALRI LogoThe Alberta Law Reform Institute (ALRI) gathers law reform suggestions from the public, the government, and the legal profession as part of their review and recommendation process when they make suggestions to improve the law and legal system.

The past two months have seen two reports published – one Report for Discussion as well as one Final Report – and three additional reports are expected to be released in the next few months.

One critical aspect of ALRI’s work is engagement with the legal profession. If you haven’t already provided your feedback on the Report for Discussion or considered the recommendations in the Final Report, you are invited to do so now.

Today’s LESA blog provides a brief synopsis of ALRI’s two recent reports:

ALRI Report for Discussion 27 – Competence and Communication in the Alberta Evidence Act

On occasion, a court must determine whether a proposed witness is competent to give evidence. The question arises with child witnesses and may also arise for adults with cognitive impairment. Alberta legislation about competence has not kept pace with modern knowledge about children’s abilities and fails to address adults with cognitive impairment. It also has a gap affecting witnesses who use alternative means of communication. This Report for Discussion contains preliminary recommendations for updating Alberta legislation to address these issues.

ALRI’s Report for Discussion 27 addressing competency issues of a witness is now available. You can review the report and provide your feedback on these issues with this brief survey until December 1, 2015.

Carol Burgess
ALRI Operations Manager

ALRI Report 107 – Matrimonial Property Act: Valuation Date

The Alberta Law Reform Institute has published its recommendations on the question of the most workable date for the valuation of matrimonial property.

In 2005, the Court of Appeal in Hodgson v Hodgson 2005 ABCA 13 definitively held that the courts are “obliged to divide the matrimonial property as of the date of trial.” According to ALRI’s report, this principle can be problematic. Beginning in late 2013, ALRI began to look into this issue; it consulted with Alberta family law practitioners attending related LESA seminars and CBA meetings to gather their opinions and insights. It also looked to other Canadian jurisdictions, finding that the majority of them value matrimonial property as of the date of separation – not trial.

ALRI’s Matrimonial Property Act: Valuation Date, Final Report 107 (September 2015) represents its findings and, based on these, makes the following recommendations for amendments to the Matrimonial Property Act:

  • Including a provision that spouses may agree on a valuation date,
  • Providing for a default valuation date, to apply when parties do not agree — preferably the date of separation, and
  • Adding changes in property value between valuation and distribution to the factors a court can consider in order property distribution (s 8).

Download the full ALRI report here.

Karen McDougall
LESA Counsel

If you are a family law practitioner, LESA is holding two upcoming programs that will include conversation about the potential practice implications of ALRI’s Final Report 107.

You can learn more or register online now to attend these programs: