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April Upcoming Legal Events

Discover what legal events are coming up this April, from LESA programming, to CPLED, and more.

LESA Programming

Child and Spousal Support 2017 | Edmonton, April 4 | Calgary, April 11
Gain an in-depth understanding of child and spousal support. Learn about the latest support developments, and discover practical strategies for addressing challenging issues. View the brochure for more details.

Estate Litigation Fundamentals | Edmonton, April 5 | Calgary, April 12
Cover the fundamentals of estate litigation and court practice, from applications, to chambers, to trial. Analyze common issues, and discover practical litigation strategies. Read the brochure for more information.

Rules of Court 2017 | Edmonton April, 6 | Calgary, April 20
Concrete knowledge of the Rules of Court is critical for every litigator. Revisit the “must-know” rules (including updates you might have missed), and discover practical tips for running effective litigation files. View the brochure to learn more.

Client Relationship Essentials | Edmonton, April 18
Clients are the foundation of most legal practices. Explore proven strategies and innovative ideas for developing strong relationships and communicating effectively with clients, for working effectively with challenging clients, and for exceeding client expectations. View the brochure for program details.

Family Law: Chambers Advocacy and Practice Pointers | Red Deer, April 21
In family law, critical points of dispute are frequently resolved in chambers. Discover insightful approaches to successful chambers advocacy and practice-oriented tips to use in addressing common issues that arise in chambers applications. Read the brochure for details.


The reserve period for the 2016/2017 CPLED Program year is now underway. Contact Craig Edhart, Student Coordinator for more information or visit our CPLED for Students page.

Legal Community Events

The National Privacy and Data Governance Congress is happening this April 5–7 in Calgary. This year’s Congress theme – A World of Change – will focus on the most critical and timely privacy and data protection issues facing organizations today: those that foretell significant consequences for employers, employees, and policy makers. Read the agenda for details on this year’s Congress content.

The Alberta Lawyers’ Assistance Society (ASSIST)
ASSIST is holding their Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, April 5. Click here for more details.
• Assist’s New Parents’ Peer Support session runs in Edmonton on April 11. This free-of-cost session gives new and expecting parents the opportunity to discuss their journeys while juggling the demands of practicing law. Click here for more details.

Family Law: Chambers Advocacy and Practice Pointers

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Mar 162017

Family Law: Chambers Advocacy and Practice Pointers

This April 21 (Red Deer), join program chair Bud Melnyk and experienced panelists for Family Law: Chambers Advocacy and Practice Pointers. Discover insightful approaches to successful chambers advocacy and practice-oriented tips for addressing common issues that arise in chambers applications.

Q & A

In a recent interview, we spoke with Bud to find out more about this program. Here’s what he had to say.

Can you tell me about the topics that are going to be covered at this program?

The general purpose of this program is to deal with topics of interest for people that are involved in regular family law chambers applications, which – right now – dominate the family law landscape. We’re going to be dealing with everything from contested chambers applications, special chambers applications, and how to deal with self-represented parties, onwards to protections orders, case management, and Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) matters. We plan to provide some hands-on, practical approaches for dealing with chambers matters.”

What will attendees find most beneficial about this program?

It’s our hope that attendees will come away feeling that they have obtained new information in terms of ways for managing chambers matters, how to handle applications, and how to handle some of the issues that arise.”

Can you tell me about the panel that has been brought together for this program?

We’ve put together a panel that has a lot of experience in family chambers matters. We’ve also obtained people from MEP to come and speak on issues pertaining to that program and have recently confirmed Justice M.R. Bast as a panel member. We are looking forward to hearing what Justice Bast has to say from the bench’s perspective.”

What will be the key program takeaway?

This is a practice orientated seminar, providing attendees with practice pointers and ways of dealing with matters that they may not have considered. My hope is that we will have a lot of discussion between the group and the panel regarding practical issues.”

What excites you about this program?

I am anxious and excited to hear what my co-presenters have to say about some of these issues, and I expect to get a lot out of this myself. I know that Justice Bast will have a lot of valuable comments. She is on the panel to provide feedback to anyone who has questions.”

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Don’t miss the opportunity to get tips that will enhance your practice. Join us for Family Law: Chambers Advocacy and Practice Pointers on April 21 (Red Deer).

We look forward to seeing you there!