35th Annual Intensive Advocacy: Call for Volunteer Witnesses

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May 232017

35th Annual Intensive Advocacy

Are you interested in gaining valuable trial experience as a witness? We are looking for volunteers to act as witnesses in our upcoming 35th Annual Intensive Advocacy program in Calgary, Alberta on Saturday, June 17, 2017.

About the Program

The Intensive Advocacy program is a week-long interactive program designed to hone critical advocacy skills. The program culminates in a moot criminal trial, civil trial, or administrative hearing on Saturday, June 17 from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM at the Calgary Courts Centre. Program participants conduct moot trials or hearings before Alberta justices, judges, and administrative tribunal members, who then provide participants with feedback.

The Role

Volunteer witnesses play the role of a character in one of the criminal, civil, or administrative fact patterns and give evidence on the witness stand under direct examination and cross-examination. Volunteers are briefed on their role by participant lawyers prior to Saturday, June 17, then act as a witness during the actual moot trials and hearings.


This is an excellent opportunity for law students, articling students, and lawyers to observe the trial or hearing process and gain valuable insight into the experience and perspective of a witness.

If you are interested in volunteering as a witness for the Intensive Advocacy moot trials and hearings, or for more information, please contact kathy.fortier@lesa.org.

2017/2018 CPLED Opportunities

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May 172017

2017/2018 CPLED Opportunities

Each year, LESA partners with experienced legal professionals to deliver Alberta’s bar admission program, the Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPLED). We’ve already had more than 330 students apply for the 2017/2018 CPLED program, and we’re still taking applications. Having this many students means we need a lot of support from Alberta’s legal community to help the CPLED Program run smoothly. That’s why today’s blog shares upcoming CPLED opportunities that you can get involved with.

One of the CPLED Program goals is to help students develop entry-level lawyer competencies. As such, LESA recruits facilitators – who provide feedback to students in preparation for their competency evaluations – and evaluators – who grade these final submissions. The desire to help new, aspiring lawyers develop their competencies is one reason why more seasoned lawyers choose to be a part of the program. If you’re one of those lawyers who wants to give back, you’re in luck – LESA has plenty of CPLED opportunities to fill.

LESA is currently recruiting facilitators and evaluators for the 7 online modules and the 3 face-to-face sessions that comprise the CPLED program (see the 2017/2018 Key Dates).

Online Modules

Each online module is open for 3 weeks.

Learning Group Facilitators (LGFs) commit about 10–20 hours a week to CPLED while the module is open, including time spent providing feedback on assignments. LGFs monitor the progress of their learning group (usually 18–20 students) and interact with students through an online learning management system. The responsibilities of LGFs include:

• preparing for each module;
• facilitating online discussions;
• responding to student questions;
• reviewing weekly student submissions; and
• providing feedback.

Learning Group Evaluators (LGEs) grade approximately 30–40 competency evaluations (final submissions). LGE duties conclude approximately 2 weeks after a module closes.

Both LGFs and LGEs are provided with training to explain the duties and expectations of their roles. Additional module-specific LGF training occurs about a week before each module opens.

Face-to-Face Sessions

Each face-to-face session runs over 3 or 4 days in Edmonton and Calgary, and individual volunteers usually commit 1 day of their time to the CPLED Program. LGFs help guide discussion and answer questions on teaching and learning exercise days, and LGEs grade final assessments on competency evaluation days.

LESA provides training materials and a pre-session conference call to ensure that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities.

Apply for CPLED Opportunities

Please note: CPLED facilitators and evaluators must have a minimum 4 years at the bar.

If you would like to get involved, complete the applicable application form(s).

Online module application form (due June 30)

o Please email all online module inquiries and application forms to Ashley Iachetta.

Face-to-Face module application form (accepted throughout the year)

o Please email all Face-to-Face Inquiries and application forms to Kathy Fortier.

Separate application forms must be completed for face-to-face and online modules.

Important Changes to LESA’s CPLED Team

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Jan 182017


The New Year has brought changes to LESA’s CPLED team; our former Education Coordinator, Bronwyn Connolly, has officially gone on maternity leave.

We are happy to inform you that as of January 2, 2017, Ashley Iachetta (previously the CPLED Student Coordinator) became LESA’s new CPLED Education Coordinator. Ashley is now the primary point of contact for all Learning Group Evaluators (LGEs) and Learning Group Facilitators (LGFs).

In addition, Kathy Fortier (our current Meeting & Relations Coordinator) has taken over some of the CPLED Education Coordinator responsibilities. She is now the primary point of contact for CPLED Face-to-Face Instructors and Evaluators.

Furthermore, Craig Edhart has taken on the role of CPLED Student Coordinator, and is now the primary point of contact for all student-related matters.

Contact our office at 780.420.1987 if you have any questions.