Program Feature: Estate Litigation Fundamentals

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Mar 132017

Estate Litigation FundamentalsReview the fundamentals of estate litigation and court practice – from questioning, to applications, to trial – in our upcoming program Estate Litigation Fundamentals.

Join seminar chair Françoise Belzil and seasoned panelists this April 5 (Edmonton) or April 12 (Calgary) to analyze common issues and discover practical litigation strategies.

Topics and Presenters

In a recent interview, we spoke with Françoise, who told us a bit about what to expect at this program. Here’s what she had to say.

The program starts with a broad overview of the procedural process. It covers accounting – which is such a significant part of estate litigation – and then drills down into the details and the advanced skills that you need to carry on these types of files. There are 4 main topics. The first is, An Overview of the Litigation Process in the Wills and Estates Context [Jennifer Lamb], and the second is a review of Accounting Applications [Malkit Atwal]. We think of Estate Litigation as being primarily the estate of a deceased person, but what we are seeing in the practice area is more litigation with respect to attorney’s acting pursuant to Powers of Attorney. The final two discussion topics are Questioning – Getting the Answers [Joseph T. Schuck] and Evidentiary Issues in Estate Litigation [Bruce Comba]. These delve a little bit more into the procedural aspects of Estate Litigation and are more generic in terms of pre-death or post-death. For questioning, Joseph is going to discuss why we go through the exercise of questioning, what we are trying to accomplish, and how we get there. With Evidentiary Issues in Estate Litigation, Bruce will review common evidentiary challenges and how the law responds to them.”

When asked about the program panel, Françoise delightedly responded,

I’m really impressed with the panel members. Each has established him or herself as a leading professional in the area and brings not just their legal knowledge, but their experience as well. Experience informs the development of all Litigators, regardless of their year of call.”

Program Benefits

Françoise let us know why she believes this program is beneficial for attendees. Here’s what she had to say.

This program combines a review of substantive legal principles with practical know-how. In developing this program, there was a view to have a beginning-to-end perspective of Estate Litigation, to remove some of the mystique, and to give a really good overview from beginning to end.”

When we asked Françoise why she is excited about this program, she told us that she is excited for attendees to have the opportunity note the various procedural and evidentiary challenges that differentiate Estate Litigation as a key subset of Litigation.

Register Online

Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss key issues and strategies with experienced panelists. Register online to attend Estate Litigation Fundamentals in Edmonton (April 5) or in Calgary (April 12).

We look forward to seeing you there!

Discover New Seminars on Demand

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Nov 042015

LESA rolled out our seminar on demand offerings last year, and the first of this year’s seminars on demand are now available for purchase.

Seminars on demand are one way that LESA is making our educational resources more accessible to you, regardless of the confines of your calendar. Since seminars on demand allow you to stream video recordings of speaker presentations and download course materials as PDFs, they are a great option if you couldn’t attend a seminar in person.

Today’s blog highlights LESA’s 3 newest seminars on demand. For a fun and quick preview of what to expect from each resource, view the trailer videos below to hear a snippet from each speaker.

Court of Appeal Practice

Do you want to be prompt and persuasive in the Court of Appeal? If so, this resource offers amazing insights into basic techniques and principles that you can use to increase your comfort level and chances of success.

In this seminar on demand, you’ll glean valuable insights from experienced practitioners (Mona Duckett QC, Frank Foran QC, and Melanie Hayes-Richards) as well as members of the judiciary (the Honourable J.E.L Côté, the Honourable Justice P.A Rowbotham, and the Honourable Justice F.F. Slatter).

Topics address all types of appeals (criminal, civil, and administrative) and include discussion on when to appeal, preparing the appeal record, factums, specialized appellate procedures, oral argument, oral applications, judgments, and costs.

Here’s what some live seminar attendees found most beneficial about the program:

The speakers were excellent. The chance to hear from both members of the bench and senior members of the bar was the most beneficial aspect of the program.”
“Good real world advice.”
“Reviewing the rules is a great starting point, but the insights of senior counsel and the judiciary made this seminar excellent.”

You too can benefit from the advice shared in the program: register online for the Court of Appeal Practice seminar on demand.

Estate Accounting

Examine important estate accounting concepts, including formal and informal accounting, duties to account, review, and passing of accounts. This seminar on demand also discusses available estate litigation mechanisms and recent court decisions on various accounting issues.

Duties to Account
Wanda Fawcett

Acceptable Accounting
Malkit Atwal

Court Process and Procedure
Benjamin Kormos

Issues Before the Courts
Ted Crane

Here are a few highlights of what live seminar attendees found most beneficial about this program:

The essays that I was able to read after the seminar … allowed me to think over the issues they had brought up and reference their points after the seminar was finished.”
“Discussion between the panel and the audience.”
“General overview dealing with estate accounting issues.”

To gain access to this program yourself, register online for the Estate Accounting seminar on demand.

Technology Contracts

Analyze technology contracts and drafting issues and pitfalls in this seminar on demand that helps you learn how to identify concerns and advise clients. This resource discusses both the technology itself as well as the surrounding legal issues.

Topics include exclusion of liability issues, governing law and jurisdiction clauses, alternative dispute resolution clauses, service level agreements, escrow agreements, data security and privacy issues, licensing, and typical negotiating points in technology contracting.

The topics were presented by James T. Swanson, Stephen D. Burns, Tom A. Sides, Richard P.W. Stobbe, and George A. Wowk.

Those who attended the live program identified a variety of things when asked what they found most beneficial:

Solid information, entertaining, good materials.”
“Having time to think about things in a new context.”
“All the presenters were well spoken, knowledgeable, and current.”

Register online for the Technology Contracts seminar on demand to start accessing the speaker videos and seminar materials now.

Head to our website for a complete list of available seminars on demand .

Happy viewing!

Estate Accounting – New Seminar Coming Soon

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Aug 192015

Estate Accounting Image.

UPDATE: This seminar occurred in the past, and the seminar materials are now available.
• LESA Library subscribers can already access course materials through the LESA Library.
• You can purchase the seminar on demand to stream videos of speaker presentations and download course materials as PDFs.
• Alternatively you can purchase course materials a la carte (search estate accounting).
• You can also view the list of upcoming seminars to discover live programs that are available now.

If your law practice involves estate administration, LESA’s Estate Accounting seminar this fall is just for you. Today’s blog offers you seminar chair Shelly Chamaschuk’s insights as to why this is a program you won’t want to miss.

For starters, LESA hasn’t offered a program about estate accounting for quite some time, and, as Chamaschuk notes, “it’s a great opportunity for lawyers who many have not had the benefit of any type of continuing education on this subject.” She also points out that “attendees will benefit from learning more about estate accounting because it is often an area of contention in estates.

Seminar Takeaways

This program has several main takeaways, and here are 3 that Chamaschuk focused on:

  1. Discover best practices. You should gain “clear guidelines on how to prepare a proper accounting and what should not be included and what should be included.
  2. Review recent cases. You’ll benefit from an “updated case review of the latest decisions with respect to estate accounting.
  3. Gain tools for understanding court process. You can develop a “clear understanding and tools to help … properly prepare for applications for passing accounts.
Seminar Topics & Faculty

This program benefits from the experience of the following faculty members:

Malkit Atwal
Acceptable Accounting

Ted Crane
Issues Before the Courts

Wanda Fawcett
Duties to Account

Benjamin Kormos
Court Process and Procedure

To learn more about the topics that each of these speakers is presenting on, read the program brochure.

Program Details & Registration

Estate Accounting runs in Calgary (September 29) and Edmonton (October 1). You can register online now to secure your spot. We hope to see you there!