Program Feature – Rules of Court 2017

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Mar 062017

Rules of Court 2017

It can be very challenging for litigators to stay up-to-date on recent developments of the Rules of Court.

Revisit the must-know rules (including updates you might have missed), and discover practical tips for using the Rules to run effective litigation matters.

Join us for Rules of Court 2017 on April 6 in Edmonton or on April 20 in Calgary.

Faculty and Topics

In a recent interview, we spoke to program chair, Gavin Price (JSS Barristers) , who spoke to the diversity of the program faculty. Here’s what he had to say.

I think the diverse panel and their experience are all very appealing. I’ve either worked opposite of or closely with 4 out of the 5 panelists, and all of them are talented and on top of their game. Ellery Lew [Witten LLP] has an engineering background; he is methodical, diligent, and has a unique approach to law. Darren Reed [Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP] is one of the hardest working individuals I know – with a brain to match. Stacey Petriuk [JSS Barristers] is our managing partner and manages to tackle that and her practice with aplomb. Melanie Gaston [Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP] has been a force of nature, previously at Blake’s and now at Osler’s. She and I are from the same graduating class about 15 years ago. Chelsey Bailey [Field LLP] I’ve gotten to know a bit more through this process and she is wonderful to deal with. She is on top of things, engaged, and interested. I think we’ve got a really strong panel.”

Gavin also gave us an overview of the topics that will be covered at this program and explained why he thinks this program is beneficial.

It is hard to keep up on the changes that happen with the Rules, so there is a real benefit to having the opportunity to hear from someone who has taken the time to review a particular rule, break it down, and make it current. We’re going to run the gamete from classic Rules like 4.33 and get practical advice from experienced and talented litigators.”

View the brochure for details on each presenter and topic discussion.

Register Online Today

Solidify your understanding of the Rules of Court. Review the rules you need to know, and discuss amendments and updates in depth.

Learn more than simply how to comply with the Rules – discover how to apply them to facilitate cost-effective, time-efficient resolutions and remedies. Register online to attend in Edmonton (April 6, 2017) or in Calgary (April 20, 2017).

Learn More – Document Management in Complex Litigation Files – Upcoming LESA Seminar

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Dec 122014


UPDATE: This seminar occurred in the past, and the seminar materials are now available.
• LESA Library subscribers can already access course materials through the LESA Library.
• Alternatively you can purchase course materials a la carte (search document management).
• You can also view the list of upcoming seminars to discover live programs that are available now.

Do you work with complex litigation files? Either as a senior lawyer, more junior associate, or paralegal? If so, you won’t want to miss LESA’s upcoming Document Management in Complex Litigation Files seminar.

Document Management in Complex Litigation Files is happening in Edmonton (February 18) and Calgary (February 25).

This week LESA talked to seminar chair Stacy Petriuk and faculty member Kim Smith about what practitioners will gain from this seminar and why it will be a valuable learning experience.

For Smith, the most important reason for attending is that participants will “gain a wealth of knowledge from a very experienced panel of people. … The knowledge alone that attendees will be put in front of will be incredible.

Petriuk emphasized that this seminar “has a broad range of appeal … and something to offer everyone at every level.” She explained how everyone involved in the file has to be on the same page, from the senior practitioners who are highly familiar with the issues of the lawsuit and who have to set up and drive the structure for handling the documents to the associates who implement the plan and the paralegals who deal with the nuts and bolts.

As Petriuk noted, the faculty members speaking at this seminar include experienced people working at all three of these levels: senior practitioners, more junior associates, and paralegals. Not only will this diversified panel be able to speak to the range of people with different roles in the process of document management but the seminar will also speak to the issues at each stage of handling a file.

Petriuk explained that “the seminar has been broken down into how you would think about a file:

  1. Getting documents in, which becomes increasingly complex if there are a lot of documents … and if you’re dealing with litigation holds,
  2. Deciding how to organize files in your own office … especially if you’ve got a situation with multiple actions, and
  3. Sharing documents with the other side, [including] some unique ways of sharing documents …  and platforms that might be useful … so that you can access documents in a more user-friendly format.”

Jerry Patterson and Tracy Mettimano will cover best practices for collecting documents.

Melanie Gaston will discuss how to manage documents within your firm.

Michael Condé, Erin Baker, and Kajal Ervin will speak on best practices for sharing documents.

Kim Smith will discuss scheduling and case management.

Johanna Mustapic will cover technology issues and how to utilize software programs for document management.

In our interviews with Petriuk and Smith, we also asked them what will be the main takeaways for seminar attendees.

For Smith, the important takeaways centre around “getting actual, practical day-to-day information and practical tips based on everyday examples, … especially about things that are a little out of the ordinary.

For Petriuk, the takeaway is twofold: both understanding your own piece of the puzzle better and having a better understanding of the puzzle as a whole and what others are trying to accomplish in their roles. “The takeaway is going to really vary depending on the person who’s coming … There’s going to be so much good information that’s imparted about these various stages of the file that you have to think about. … The different takeaways could be I really need to improve my litigation hold practice, or I really need to think about better ways of sharing documents, depending on where you’re at in [the document management process].

If you practice in estate, family, or civil litigation and handle complex files, we think you’ll stand to gain a lot of valuable information and insight from this seminar and we’re looking forward to seeing you there.

Register online now (Edmonton or Calgary) to take advantage of the early bird registration deadline.