New Seminars on Demand

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May 172016

New Seminars on Demand!We are pleased to inform you that we have 3 new seminars on demand available now!

If you missed the opportunity to attend one or more of these live events, you no longer have to wait to be a part of the experience!

Live stream videos of each presenter and download program materials as PDFs, so you can stay up-to-date in your area of practice.

Enduring Powers of Attorney and Personal Directives

Go beyond the basics, and review the drafting of personal directives and enduring powers of attorney.

Review unique challenges when dealing with clients who have assets in other jurisdictions; discuss the challenges health care professionals face when dealing with personal directives; cover fiduciary obligations, breaches, and consequences; and more!

For a sneak preview of this seminar on demand, watch the trailer with seminar chair Farha Salim below.

What Live Attendees Found Most Beneficial

Here’s what some of the live attendees thought was most beneficial about the program.

Excellent EPA precedent provided, and reasons therefor.”

The entire seminar was very well organized and I found all of it quite useful and beneficial to my practice.”

Register Online

Register for this seminar on demand today, and learn how to effectively manage both common and extraordinary issues when dealing with enduring powers of attorney and personal directives.


Refine your understanding of questioning, and learn to use it more effectively. Gain practical tips from expert panelists and Queen’s Bench Masters!

Watch the trailer below with seminar chair Patrick Kirwin for more information about why this seminar on demand is useful.

Hear discussion on techniques for questioning professionals, examine compelling and convincing sources of evidence, discover how to manage difficult and sometimes “forgetful” witnesses, and more!

What Live Attendees Found Most Beneficial

Check out what these live attendees had to say about the value of the program.

Very valuable and informative – excellent speakers and presentations and materials – no wasted time.”

The practical advice given on handling difficult people. It was also a good review of Questioning generally.”

Register Online

Don’t miss the opportunity to hone your litigation skills. Register for Questioning today!

Alberta Land Titles Online

Discover how current legislative changes involving the use of digital signatures will impact future real estate transactions. Watch the trailer below with seminar chair Curtis D. Woollard (Land Titles North) for a sneak peek of what this seminar on demand has to offer.

Learn from experiences panelists as they discuss the future shift from physical to electronic documents.

What Live Attendees Found Most Beneficial

Here’s what some of the live attendees found most beneficial about this seminar.

This session was well organized, practical, to the point.”

What’s expected with e-submission to Land Titles and how e-signatures will work.”

Register Online

Prepare yourself for a digital future. Register for this seminar on demand today.

Other Seminars on Demand

Did you know that LESA now has more than 25 seminars on demand available? Here is a list of some of the past seminars that we offer as seminars on demand.

  • Collections
  • Condominiums: A Practitioner’s Update
  • Corporate Drafting
  • Court of Appeal Practice
  • Domestic Contracts
  • Drafting Pleadings, Affidavits and Orders
  • Evidence Law Refresher
  • File Organization for Legal Support Staff
  • iPad for Lawyers
  • Junior Solicitor Business Law Basics
  • New Estate Administration Act
  • PCLaw® Basics
  • PCLaw® Beyond the Basics
  • Research for Legal Support Staff
  • Running Your First Trial
  • Securities Law

Click here for a complete list of the seminars on demand that are available.

Apr 012016

Calendar Image. Discover April 2016 Upcoming Legal Events!

They say April showers bring May flowers, but the next few weeks are also packed full of interesting events and useful continuing professional development programs. Read today’s blog to find out what April 2016 upcoming legal events you’ll want to mark on your calendar.

April Programs

Enduring Powers of Attorney and Personal Directives

Register online to attend in Edmonton (April 5) or in Calgary (April 12).

  • Join seminar chair Farah Salim and panel experts to explore both common and extraordinary issues, such as inter-jurisdictional concerns, health care challenges, litigation tips, and more.
  • Read the blog for a sneak peek of what you can expect.
Unanimous Shareholder Agreement Disputes

Register online to attend in Edmonton (April 6) or in Calgary (April 20).

Read the blog to discover the top 5 program takeaways and to find out why seminar chair Bryan Haynes says this program offers valuable tips, information, and best practices to address the surprisingly common issue of shareholder disputes.

A lot of people enter into ventures with friends, family, or, in some cases, strangers. At the outset, everyone has the best intentions and is acting in good faith, but, more often than one would like to think, there is a breakdown in the relationship and a dispute arises.”

Basic Collaborative Law

Discuss negotiation theory, preparing for 4-way meetings, the principles of collaborative practice, ethical issues, how to advise clients, and more.

If you missed your chance to attend this program on April 8–9 (the seminar is full!), don’t delay and register online now to attend this fall (September 30–October 1).

Legal Project Management

Register online to attend in Edmonton (April 13) or in Calgary (April 14).

Join instructors Pamela Woldow and Patricia Olah in this interactive seminar to explore various project management skills: from the top 4 project management strategies, to the connection between project management and profitability, and even metrics used to measure and evaluate project management performance and success.

Read the blog for the inside scoop about what legal project management is, how you can implement its principles, and why this is a useful tool to add to your practice management tool box.


Register online to attend in Edmonton (April 19) or in Calgary (April 28).

  • Delve into questioning with experienced practitioners and Queen’s Bench Masters. Discuss specific issues, and join the conversation by participating in roundtable discussions and demonstrations.
  • Read the blog with seminar chair Patrick Kirwin for the inside scoop on the top 3 reasons this seminar is particularly valuable.
Alberta Land Titles Online

Register online to attend in Lake Louise on April 23!

Stay up-to-date on significant upcoming changes to how electronic signatures will be used for land title transactions. All practitioners are welcome to attend this add-on program to the 49th Annual Refresher.

Read the blog with Curtis Woollard from Land Titles North to learn about 5 key changes and what all real estate practitioners should be aware of.

49th Annual Refresher: Real Estate

Register online to attend in Lake Louise this April 24–26.

  • Keep current on various issues affecting real estate transactions – from important snippets on topics such as protocol, trust cheques, and real property reports to sessions on practice pointers, commercial real estate, condominiums, and taxes.
  • Read the blog for more information about the 49th Annual Refresher: Real Estate and the add-on program Alberta Land Titles Online.

Registration Savings

If you’re looking to start checking some 2016 CPD requirements off your list, why not consider attending some of these upcoming programs? They’re running in May and June, but don’t wait to reserve your spot. Early bird registration savings for the following programs end in April.

Estate Planning for Blended Families

Register online to attend in Edmonton (May 10) or in Calgary (May 17) – Early Bird ENDS April 5.

Consider the unique concerns, competing interests, and estate planning strategies that come into play in the complex situations encountered with blended families. Read the blog with seminar chair Karen A. Platten QC to learn more about the practical tools you’ll gain and why this program offers important advice and information to practitioners.

Every practitioner runs across issues that they haven’t ever seen before. … [Unique situations] require certain expertise and certain understanding.”

Privacy Update

Register online to attend in Calgary (May 19) or in Edmonton (May 25) – Early Bird ENDS April 12.

  •  Explore current issues and emerging themes in privacy law to better prepare yourself to identify and address issues that come up in practice.
  •  Read the blog with seminar chair Ritu Khullar QC and Privacy Commissioner Jill Clayton for more information about the questions and topics that you’ll discuss in the program.
Criminal Advocacy – Experts

Register online to attend in Calgary (May 14) or in Edmonton (May 28) – Early Bird ENDS April 12.

Both junior lawyers and more seasoned veterans stand to benefit from this review of seminal issues and specialized matters. Consider the top 25 criminal cases in the areas of expert evidence, right to counsel, statements voir dire, and warrantless search and seizure.


The 2015/2016 CPLED year is fast coming to a close now that all regular session modules have concluded. Students completing reserve period modules should contact LESA’s Student Coordinator, Ashley Iachetta if they have any questions.

Registration for the 2016/2017 CPLED year is open. Applicants can read the blog for more information and to register online.

Legal Community Events

AssistFit activities are part of a new program offered by the Alberta Lawyers’ Assistance Society (Assist) to encourage health, fitness, and creative activities within the legal community. There are several events happening in April. Read the blog to learn more!

Law Day celebrations are happening around the province this month, and volunteers are needed to make the events possible. Read the blog for more information about locations, dates, and volunteer opportunities.

If you want LESA’s help to raise awareness about an upcoming event relevant to the Alberta legal community, contact Renee Vander Meulen, Communications Coordinator.
780.969.0553 or


Questioning: An Interactive Seminar for Litigators

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Mar 092016

Questioning for Litigators

This April, learn about questioning from experienced practitioners and Queen’s Bench Masters!

Discuss how to deal with key issues that arise during questionings, including the use of questioning evidence; cross examination on affidavit vs. questioning for discovery; and exhibits, documents, and undertakings.

Today’s blog with seminar chair Patrick Kirwin gives you the inside scoop on what you can expect from the upcoming Questioning seminar.

Topics and Speakers

As Patrick explains, rather than being a preliminary or introductory program, this intermediate-level seminar aims to get people “talking about specific issues that arise during questioning.”

At the seminar, you’ll interact with seminar chair Patrick Kirwin and panel experts including two Masters:

To learn more about each panelist’s discussion topic, take a look at the program brochure.

You can expect each topic to deal with what Patrick describes as the “specific problematic issues that arise in many, if not all, questionings.” For instance, you’ll learn how to deal with obstreperous witnesses who refuse to answer relevant questions or challenging counsel who raise too many objections or get in the way of questioning.

What makes this seminar valuable?

1. Interactive Format. Expect to participate demonstrations and engage in roundtable discussions, hearing the panelists comment on each other’s presentations and weighing in with your own thoughts and questions. As Patrick states, “we will be getting not only the input from the particular presenter but literally from everyone else who is there”.

2. Relevant Examples. Engage in meaningful conversations with panelists who are drawing from personal experience to share “how they have handled particular issues and how they’ve used questioning.”

3. Hear from Masters. Learn to bring masters up-to-speed on your case quickly, and hear how they approach questioning issues.

Here’s what Patrick had to say about the overall value of this seminar:

I think we are very lucky to have a group like this together in one place sharing their experiences… In the litigation process, I think questioning is one of the most important aspects—it can make or break your case.”

Register Online

Give your input, ask questions, and be a part of this truly unique experience!

Join us in Edmonton on April 19 or in Calgary on April 28. Register on or before March 15 to take advantage of early bird savings.

Can’t make it for these dates? No problem! Be sure to check our online classroom as this course will subsequently be offered as a seminar on demand.